Dog in NRW suddenly bleeds into bed – then he wrestles with death

Dread in the morning! Imagine waking up and your bed is covered in blood stains. And now imagine you share your bed with a dog and the blood is from him.

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A car owner from Nettetal (NRW) recently had to wake up to this nightmare. Then he had to act very quickly, otherwise he would have lost his dog in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Dog almost bled to death in bed in North Rhine-Westphalia

It almost happened to his “Filou”. A month ago he woke up to a horrifying sight. “One morning the bed where I slept with him was full of bloodstains,” he told the “Bild”. “At first I thought he had brought in a dead bird.” If only that had been the case.

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But then the owner discovered an injury in the mouth of his four-legged friend, from which the dog was bleeding profusely. Shortly thereafter, the vet explained why. Filou’s blood does not clot well because he has too few platelets in his blood. “You can say that Filou is a hemophiliac,” concludes the holder for himself. He probably got the cut from the sharp-edged dry food.

Dog in NRW is dying

But despite the diagnosis and medication, nothing helped. The dog just lay around lethargically and didn’t even want to eat anymore. The veterinarians also tried everything at the animal clinic in Duisburg and Filou continued to fight for his life.

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His owner couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to find a suitable blood donor on Facebook – with success. “Within three days, several hundred people contacted me – even from Switzerland,” the 23-year-old was delighted. When things got tight for Filou, he immediately called the first person on the list: an experienced keeper from Duisburg.

Blood donation saves dogs lives

The woman with her Labrador Shepherd mix “Bella” had already saved four dogs’ lives with blood donations – and now a fifth. “By the second check-up appointment, his platelet values ​​were back in the green zone,” said Filous Halter with relief. “He was given a second life thanks to Bella.”

It was very fortunate that the first donation was the right one. If that hadn’t been the case, things could have turned out very differently for the four-legged friend.

2023-06-06 19:02:03

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