Dog saved her family from a raging fire

A dog saved her family in Malaysia from a fire that broke out in their home while they slept. The leal animal
he was in charge of waking them up so that they would leave soon and flee from the flames.

Around five in the morning the cub named Anandaveli tugged at the hair of Vimala, its owner; However, after seeing that he did not wake up, he bit his ear and face and tugged on his pajamas.

The woman told Malay Mail that for a moment she thought that the dog saved her family was thirsty and sent her to fetch water in the kitchen.

“But when he kept pulling on my clothes, I got up and saw that the central section of my house, which housed the prayer altar, was on fire.”, He said.

Immediately, the mother of three children woke up her family to leave the house immediately, and commented that her youngest son, 18 years old, was forced to help his father.

“Had to help my husband N. Marimuthu, 58, from the fire because he has difficulty walking due to a stroke.”added.

Vimala maintains that the dog saved her family and was about to die when she was born: “I took care of her until she regained her health. I even gave him the bottle “She recalled being very grateful for Anandaveli’s heroic act.