Dog track colonel’s lawyer says she won’t run away

Lawyer Bunel Ramírez, who represents Colonel Ysabelita De Los Santos Pérez, assured that a warrant against her client, since she does not intend to escape and is waiting to be called for any act of investigation.

The colonel is investigated together with other people for the aggression to which the OmbudsmanPablo Ulloa, and other people who were carrying out an inspection at the dog track.

“We want to announce to the country, to the Ombudsman and to the District Attorney’s Office that Ysabelita is waiting to be called,” said the lawyer.

He specified that “it will not be necessary for her to be executed warrant. We want the country to know that she is going to confront this situation, and with it the abuses of power and the penal populist and the media populist of people who, like the OmbudsmanPablo Ulloa, they have nothing to contribute to the country”.

This reaction comes after it emerged that the National District Prosecutor’s Office requested a warrant against the colonel and others for the attack on Pablo Ulloa, but which has been rejected twice due to poor implementation of the request.

The Prosecutor’s Office had requested the arrest of the colonel, as well as that of Geraldina De Los Santos, Marisol Vargas, Javier Javier Natanael, Starling Antonio Ramírez Sierra, Ronny Recio Rosario and Carlos Volquez Paulino.

However, that request was rejected on May 5 for not meeting the requirements that would make it possible to assess the relevance of the warrant. In addition, it presented ambiguities and did not have an individualization of the facts or of the facts attributed to each of those investigated.

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After this, the Prosecutor’s Office submitted the arrest request again, but suffered the same fate. She was rejected and notified on June 17, for having the same vices, according to court documents.

The agression

Last April 11 the Ombudsman and journalists were attacked by agents of the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (Digesett) in the Vehicle Retention Center (grey track) during an inspection operation, after reports of irregularities in that center.

Moments later, Ulloa went to the Attorney General’s Office and filed a complaint against the center’s director, Colonel Ysabelita De los Santos Pérez (PN), before being dismissed.

When presenting the complaint to the media, the Ombudsman He said that they were attacked at the dog track despite the fact that their visit to inspect that place had been announced and the members of their team were identified with vests and caps from the institution.

During the attack they also wounded the secretary general of the Ombudsmanand Ulloa was pushed away by the agents when he tried to enter the vehicle storage facilities.

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