Dogecoin guy sold as NFT for $4 million

It appeared, in 2013, as a joke to the cryptographic coins of the time. However, the joke started to pay off and Dogecoin now has a vast online community. The image that characterizes it is of a smiling, and apparently valuable, Shiba Inu.

Valuable because, on Friday, it was sold for $4 million as an NFT.


Shiba Inu image sold for $4 million

On Friday, the iconic figure that has accompanied Dogecoin since 2013 was sold for a modest sum of US$4 million. By the way, the new owner of the image, identified on Twitter as @PleasrDAO, now has a non-fungible token, which guarantees the uniqueness of the purchased content.

As an apparent joke, the buyer paid using the Ethereum cryptographic coin, with the Dogecoin image worth 1,696.9 coins. The sale took place on the Zora digital auction site, and it took just three days to happen.

The money for which the Dogecoin image was sold will be given to Japanese professor Atsuko Sato. This one is the owner of the real Shiba Inu who gives face to the meme.


Popularity of Dogecoin and NFT

Dogecoin's Face has been a popular figure in several online channels such as Reddit and Tumblr since the beginning of 2010. However, it was the cryptographic coin that made it reach the popularity it enjoys today.

In fact, it was because it was mentioned by tycoons such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban that the coin exploded. The first one shared it on Twitter and made several jokes involving it, while the second ordered his sports team The Dallas Mavericks to accept the crypto coin as payment.

Along with Dogecoin's popularity, NFT's has also skyrocketed this year. Recall that, for example, the first tweet written by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sold for $3 million. More than that, Gamestop announced that they are building a team for an NFT project.

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