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Dollar exchange rate in Argentina this Saturday, May 5, 2019 | Exchange rate | Argentine peso | BCRA | Argentina | Economy | Markets

The exchange rate in Argentina closed stable against the Argentine peso after the government of Mauricio Macri will call an auction of Treasury bills and Capitalizable in dollars and pesos.

The dollar In the wholesale market he started business with stable values ​​of 44.80 Argentine pesos for green ticket, compared to 44.79 at Thursday's close.

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The government of Argentina will tender next week Treasury Bills ('Letes') in dollars and capitalizable letters ('Lecaps') in pesos, the Ministry of Finance informed on Friday, within the framework of the monetary policy to regulate the liquidity of the market at moments of strong devaluation pressure.

The 'Letes' will have amortization on July 19, that is, with a term of 70 days.

In turn, there will be a reopening of 'Lecaps'with maturity on June 28 – at 49 days – capitalized monthly at the nominal monthly rate of 3.50%.

The reception of offers will begin at 10:00 am in Buenos Aires (1300 GMT) on Monday and end at 3:00 pm (1800 GMT) on Tuesday.

The subscription of the 'Letes'will be only in dollars, while the' Lecaps' may subscribe in pesos or in the currency of the United States.

"Human or legal persons may participate in these operations, for which purpose they must direct their expressions of interest in a timely manner through the liquidation and compensation agents -integral and own- and negotiation agents registered with the CNV (Comisión Nacional of Securities), "the ministry added in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) awarded Friday 139.985 million pesos (about US $ 3.146 million) in the first auction of the day of Liquidity Letters ('Leliq') at an average rate of 73,809%, said operators.

They added that the transaction registered a maximum return of 73,999% and a minimum of 73% at seven days.

The monetary authority averaged on Thursday the 'Leliq' to 74.069%, after two placements, a maximum level in the rate of BCRA since the time of 2002, operators agreed.

Source: Reuters



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