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Dollar Rate Today Now the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound today in Egyptian banks and the black market on Saturday 18-5-2019

The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound Today, in a continuous follow-up to the news of dollar prices updated daily, in follow-up on the website of Arab News for the latest exchange rates in Egypt against the pound, the most important of which is the dollar today in banks and the Egyptian black market against the Egyptian pound, where the US currency is the main currency in the market Egyptian.

The exchange rate of the dollar is directly affected by the rise or fall in the prices of all commodities and products, and the dollar against the pound in the last months of 2018 and the beginning of the new year 2019 observed stability.

The price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound today

In this table we follow with you the latest US currency prices in some of the most famous Egyptian banks, at the last price announced by those banks, and the dollar is updated in this table daily, where the dollar in Egypt today the banks as follows

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Egyptian Banks Price of the dollar purchase against the Egyptian pound The Dollar is selling against the Egyptian Pound
Egyptian Central Bank 17.0269 17.1269
National Bank of Egypt 16.99 17.09
Egypt Bank 16.99 17.09
Bank of Alexandria 16.99 17.09
Commercial International Bank 16.99 17.09
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 17.05 17.14
Bank Audi 16.99 17.09

The price of the dollar in Egypt on the black market today

The prices of the American currency on the Egyptian black market today ranges from 17.07 pounds to buy against a price of 17.17 pounds for sale, noting that these prices are the average prices traded on the black market for the sale and purchase of the dollar against the Egyptian pound.

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