Dominant in the 2022 Miami GP Formula 1, Verstappen abstains from Jemawa


Driver Red Bull, Max Verstappenwon the 2022 Formula 1 Miami GP. However, the Dutch racer did not want to be complacent.

At the Miami International Autodrome, Monday (9/5/2022) early in the morning, Vertappe was able to lead the race from the first lap. He occupies the third starting position.

Vertappen became the champion after devouring 57 laps with a time of one hour 34 minutes 24.258 seconds. Racing in Miami, said the 24-year-old racer, is still not easy.

“There is no easy race weekend in F1, especially on such a demanding track as here. That’s why I’m so proud to be able to pick up everything until the end of the race. What a great performance from the Red Bull Racing team,” said Verstappen in a release. detikSport.

Meanwhile, Verstappen’s teammate in the team Red Bull, Sergio Perez, could only finish third in Miami. He admitted that it was all out in order to achieve maximum results.

“I’ve put everything on the track, it’s a shame there was a problem with the engine. Happy with Max to be back on the podium, and thanks to the fans who gave encouragement throughout the race,” said Perez.

Mobil1 as support Red Bull, hope that Vertstappen’s performance will continue in the next F1 at the Catalunya circuit. The race will take place on May 22.

“For Max, there is a good history at the Catalunya circuit, namely winning his first F1 win as the youngest driver to win a race. Over the last four seasons, Max has also always been on the podium. Hopefully the team can again show the potential of the RB18, and continue the podium finish until the end season,” said Sri Adinegara as Market Development Director of PT ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia who revealed this.

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