Dominika Gott is fully enjoying herself in Finland: Running with Tim and luxury on the beach!

Dominika Gott is fully enjoying her old-new life in Finland, as evidenced by photos on Facebook. The daughter of the famous singer showed how she flows with her husband Tim Tolkki when she was young and boasted of luxury by the sea!

Dominika Gott moved to Finland more than twenty years ago. At that time, Karel Gott’s eldest daughter followed the voice of her heart, and after her marriage to musician Tim Tolkki, Helsinki became her home.

In 2019, Gott admitted to serious problems in her marriage, Tolkki allegedly stole her money and, to top it all off, brought his mistress home and had sex with her right in front of his wife! “I’m terrible. The woman is from Mexico, she is 24 years old and they were supposed to meet in September, when Timo was on an alleged tour of South America. One evening he even brought her home. I went to bed, I was completely blown away. And when I went to the toilet at night, I caught them having sex. It was terrible, “she confided to Bleska with a traumatic experience.

After this experience, Dominika packed up and went to her home country, where she wanted to start from scratch. In addition, she promised to return to Bohemia to her father, but unfortunately he did not live to see him. At the beginning, it seemed that the Gotts were doing quite well in Prague, but in the end everything turned out completely differently than she had planned.

Dominika Gott could not bear the media pressure, fleeing to Finland was a necessity

After years of living abroad, where no one knew Dominika Gott, returning to Bohemia was difficult for her. Because of the famous father, his eldest daughter often became the target of unwanted attention, which she endured very hard.

In the end, Gott decided to flee to Helsinki, which was the easiest solution. “When I was still working in a bar or delicatessen, people used to come and watch me like wildlife somewhere in the pavilion. It was terrible! I won’t experience this in Finland. “But for the saleswoman in the supermarket to tell me to take low-fat instead of the classic yogurt I wanted to buy, that’s too much for me,” Blesk explained to the main reasons for her decision.

After arriving in Finland, Gott went to the hospital, where she tried to alleviate her consumption of sleeping pills in combination with alcohol. After ten days, however, she let herself be released into her home environment, with the proviso that she could handle it on her own. No wonder the fans were worried about her.

Source: Facebook

Gott is planning a big change, so far in Finland she is doing great even without a job

Although Dominika Gott has not yet found a job in Helsinki, from her Facebook it looks like she is doing great. In the photos, it boasts regular consumption of sushi, which is not exactly the cheapest, and it is interspersed with photos from the beach.

Dominika came up with a lot of money with a book about her father, and her husband Timo probably also brought some crown from Mexico. All the more so now they enjoy a carefree period together.

Among the current photos, she also shared Gottová’s one from the past, where she still had dark hair. He is said to want to get rid of his blond manes after years and return to natural brown. “My childhood memories of my dear black cat Lucifer. By the way, this is my true natural hair color, I’ll keep it (or maybe some dark color later) until my long blond hair finally grows up. Time for another life change.” she added her plans to the photo.

So far, Dominika has been praising life in Finland, as well as his chronic adventurer Tim Tolkki, who is now chopping Latin. All that remains is to wish both of them that their idyll will last for years to come.

Dominika Gott enjoys luxury in Finland.

Dominika GottováSource: Facebook