Dominika Gwit shows how she arranged a CHILD’S NIGHT: “I even bought tetras to put them on the dresser” (PHOTOS)

There was not so much time until winter, so Dominika started furnishing the apartment anew – so that there would be a children’s corner. It turns out that, together with Wojciech Dunaszewski, they did not decide to have a separate room for a baby, because for now, they will share the bedroom with the newborn.

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Dominika already has blue accents and a few necessary pieces of furniture. There is a chest of drawers with cabinets and a changing table at the top, which stands – interestingly – on a rug. Dominika’s fans began to inquire why the floor decoration is obscured by a piece of furniture. Gwit politely explained that practical considerations prevailed, because it is easier to move the chest of drawers.

He got a new corner too Wojtek and Dominika’s catwhich can sleep on the bedding at the bottom of the cupboard. The animal even has a new scratching post, and Gwit is so enthusiastic about changes that he is looking forward to living with a newborn:

I have already ordered a crib, I even bought cloth diapers to put them on the dresser and to wait for the baby – gets excited.

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Dzidziorex? What’s that word? Massacre

This strange room, decorated as if it was to accommodate a 6-year-old boy from an orphanage.

Happy mom happy baby ❤️

Jadzia Niepolana has already arranged a children’s corner! Why didn’t you write about her, bitch !?

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This is what it is like to give up privacy (for popularity = likes = money?). Worth it?

Who is this ? I’m asking seriously

She is as happy as anyone who knows what it is to try for a baby. I don’t understand why there are so many malicious comments. 80% of celebrities are famous for not doing anything meaningful. And you drive everything together, sit and make coconuts. Showing a beautiful life at our expense. So she doesn’t understand why she can’t show how she arranged the little room. What hurts you there

Scratching post on the changing table? … hope that now only the husband takes care of the litter box

Gwent again !! Room is already being arranged ?? anything can happen !!

to the box. Why do you call obesity pregnancy?

modesty, normality, a lot of health for you, and I wish you a lot of health for all those who read

Some commentators do not know what he is writing but to insult so much I think they have problems at home and that’s where it comes from

So far a shared bedroom .. These for now it will turn into a few years

I read and I can’t believe how much venom, malice there is in people. Are you not ashamed of everything and judge everyone? I feel sorry for you people who are eternally critical, you must be very unhappy people.