Domino’s Pizza will deliver in parks, swimming pools and 150000 sites


Do you want pizza and do not have an address? Now Domino’s Pizza will deliver orders in 150,000 specific places in U.S , such as parks, beaches or emblematic places. The chain announced the creation of a network called “Hotspots”, with which customers can make their prepaid orders using their smart phones . The innovative thing is that they can select a predetermined delivery place, the one that is closest to where they are. In the application of Domino’s Hotspots , the client can find meeting places such as beaches, parks, squares or public places that serve as mutual agreement to make the delivery of the order. It can also indicate descriptive data, such as the clothes you wear or the hair color so that the driver can easily recognize it. When the food is on the way, the customer receives a text message telling them to go to the delivery point. The person can easily locate the delivery cart by the famous Domino’s Pizza logo. “This is a really great delivery innovation,” said Dennis Maloney, Dominos digital director, as reported. USA Today . “It’s not necessarily a completely new technology. It is the application of technology in a new way. ” Domino’s began testing access points in the Miami area in the fall, according to Maloney. Along the beach of the region, for example, there was one about every quarter of a mile. More and more people buy food online. In Domino’s this already represents up to 60 percent of its sales. Home delivery was known to this company long before Walmart or Amazon discovered it. Now, while they discover the delivery of product direct to the door, Domino’s is directed to perfect the attention. In these moments, what deprives is digital technology. This is due to the competition, not only with other pizzeria chains, but with food delivery services, such as Uber Eats and Whole Foods. You can verify which are the meeting points closest to you from the website of Domino’s. IT MAY INTEREST YOU: Mexico announces agreement with the US and Canada to accelerate NAFTA


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