Don Bosco’s Football Team in Kinshasa Combines Education and Sport, Says Promoter Gérard Yobobo

Kinshasa, 31 mai 2023 (ACP).-Don Bosco’s team, newly promoted to the Kinshasa Provincial Football Entente Championship (EPFKIN), 2023-2024 edition, is an ideal setting to combine education and sport, said the Ivorian-Cameroonian sports promoter , Gérard Yobobo, in an interview with the ACP on Wednesday.

The new manager of the football team of this school of the same name, located in the Petro-Congo district, in the commune of Masina, in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), declared that: “Don Bosco’s team at Masina Petro Congo is an ideal and suitable place to combine education with sport for a good marriage that brings a bright future for the students, beneficiaries of this symbiosis”,

Gérard Yobobo is a partner of this team newly promoted to the next elite championship of the capital after the framing round for the climb organized, last Friday, May 25, at the Ujana ground, inside the Tata Raphaël stadium, in the municipality of Kalamu, in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

On the educational level, this training which will go to the discovery of the 107th championship of the Professional Football Entente of Kinshasa (EPFKIN), Don Bosco is well on its way to being discovered.

“To this end, there will be a lot on the board in perspective for this club, in view of its match against JEUKINS of the Lukunga Entente, during which I was able to pin some three players who hit me in the l ‘eye. By dint of work, we will end up reaping the expected result and that the work will pay off one day. With good management, I think that within two years, this team will be able to be talked about and go beyond EPFKIN”, noted Gérard Yobobo.

“As for Don Bosco’s victory, the opposite would have surprised me. Because in football, talent alone is not enough. There is also no question of simply kicking the ball. It is a whole that encompasses mental, spiritual and educational concentration. In this respect, the school of Don Bosco constitutes a reference in terms of education”, he said, insisting on the specification of the formation dispensed within Don Bosco.

And to add: “The policy advocated by Don Bosco is that of supervising young people, both educationally and socially, even if these players are not all pupils. The most important thing is that they are all children destined to become important for society. For example, among them, some have training in masonry or electricity while others have preferred mechanics. In short, both learn a trade for life, that is to say, very appropriate for after the retraining ».

A favorable partnership for preparing for retraining

According to Gérard Yobobo, football promises millions to young footballers. But not everyone manages to make these dreams come true, some of which are mere illusions for various reasons. Failing this, these young people can benefit from the fruit of the training received

“At the Ujana field, I was accompanied by the leaders of this team for this very important match who invited me as a management and support company for young people in the sporting context. It has been barely a month since the agreement was signed. This is one of the reasons for my arrival in the DRC to discuss the details of this partnership contract and begin to implement it. This partnership will revolve around the sports training of children and coaches, education, seminars on the mental level and on the approach to bad agent players. In short, everything exists as a scourge that prevents the child from progressing normally”.

A football tournament on the program

According to the manager of this Don Bosco team, it is only a matter of days before he reveals what the future holds

“At the moment, we are in discussion for a future event with the organization of a football tournament. It will be in the continuation of the work of partnership between Don Bosco and his group”.

In conclusion of this interview, Yobobo set himself up as a good adviser to the parents of the children. “To conclude, I advise parents of children to be wary of the many players’ agents who swarm everywhere and who sell them more the illusion than the reality of the things in front of them. Some parents who want their children to earn the millions generated by professional football often fall into the trap. Well-advised and well-informed, they can avoid it for a good orientation of their offspring ». ACP/

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