Donald Trump almost died from COVID-19

The situation was portrayed in the book ‘Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History’, which will be released on June 29 and was written by Damian Paletta and Yasmeen Abutaleb, journalists for The Washington Post.

Precisely, in that American newspaper an article was made based on the text, which showed how the moments were lived when the then president Donald Trump was infected with COVID-19.

The text states that the ex-president’s illness was more serious than what was said at the time. In fact, Trump’s close advisers believed that experience would change his response to the pandemic. However, that did not happen.

In fact, The Washington Post notes that to treat Trump’s illness the health authorities of that country were urged to authorize a series of treatments that could help you.

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Donald Trump was very sick from the coronavirus

The ‘Post’ details that Trump was quite busy during the week prior to his infection, which could have affected not only his infection, but in the transmission to its entire circle.

In fact, the book tells that biosafety policies in the White House they were neglected to the point that it was a risk to attend any event that Trump was at. What’s more, the former president himself asked that those who attended those meetings take off their masks.

Two days after the presidential debate with Joe Biden, Trump fell ill and hours after his announcement confirming that he and first lady Melania Trump were infected with coronavirus, his condition began to worsen.

“His fever spiked and his blood oxygen level dropped below 94%, at one point reaching 80%. Sean Conley, the White House physician, assisted the president by his bedside. Trump received oxygen in an effort to stabilize him ”, highlights the publication.

But the moments of medical tension were just beginning, the newspaper highlights, Well, what came in the following hours was a race with various medications to save the former president.

“The doctors gave him a dose of eight grams of two monoclonal antibodies through an IV tube. This experimental treatment was what had required the approval of the medical authorities, ”noted The Washington Post.

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Also, review the medium, was given a first dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir, also intravenously. That drug, specifies the newspaper, was difficult to obtain for many patients because it was in short supply.

A miracle was what saved Donald Trump

This is how the book collects it, which tells how the condition of the former president was getting worse as the hours passed. He adds that at one point Trump was being given, at the same time, “an astonishing array of emergency medications.”

The US media notes that people close to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, They said that he was afraid that the head of state might die.

After a tense day, the condition of the former president began to improve. One of those who was privy to Trump’s medical information was convinced that monoclonal antibodies were responsible for the recovery.

In fact – picks up the newspaper – Trump called Anthony Fauci, endorsed by Biden for stay in charge of pandemic control despite the change of government, to share his insight into the monoclonal antibodies that had had an effect on him.

Donald Trump himself said that It was miraculous how quickly they helped her recovery asegura The Washington Post.

“This is like a miracle”Trump told his campaign adviser Jason Miller in a call from the hospital. “I am not going to lie. I didn’t feel so good ”, he quotes the newspaper to finish his text.