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Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo Justify Killing Iranian General | TIME ONLINE


After the targeted killing of Iranian general Kassem Soleimani by the US military, US President Donald Trump has rejected discussions about inconsistencies within his government. There was unity in his team, Trump wrote on twitter, Statements by Defense Secretary Mark Esper about the evidence for Soleimani’s alleged attack plans had previously been interpreted as a contradiction to Trump.

Trump had said that "probably" Soleimani had planned attacks on four US embassies in the region. In a television interview, Esper later admitted that he had no evidence of such plans, and that the president did not rely on intelligence information in his testimony either. "I haven't seen (evidence) of four embassies," he told the US broadcaster CBS, However, Esper later added in a CNN interview that he agreed with Trump about the threat.

"Only Osama bin Laden had more blood on his hands"

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also subsequently justified the attack. "There is no terrorist other than Osama bin Laden who has more American blood on his hands than Kassem Soleimani," he told Stanford University students. Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of more than 600 Americans and was the "mastermind" of the recent attacks on US soldiers. Its killing is part of a "larger strategy" by the Trump administration. It is the diplomatic isolation of the Iran, economic pressure and military deterrence.

The goal is to deprive the leadership in Tehran of the resources it needs
need their "malicious activities around the world"
continue. The U.S. government want Iran to feel "like one
normal nation ". If Iran" escalates ", the
US government "end this on our terms," ​​said Pompeo. Already
 on January 3, shortly after Soleimani's killing, Pompeo told the US broadcaster
Fox News said there was an "impending attack". You have "one
 Opportunity found and delivered. "A week later reaffirmed
Pompeo at a press conference at the White House, the threat posed by
Soleimani included attacks on US embassies.

MPs criticize government information policy

in the
 US Congress is currently discussing the evidence at their disposal
Basis for the decision to kill Soleimani was made. Party Cross
 have both members of the House of Representatives as well
Senators shown very unhappy with the explanations
government officials delivered to them at several briefings.

The Democratic chairman of the House Secret Service Committee, Adam Schiff, said that the government apparently carried out the attack based on suspicions. "Now Esper says it was not intelligence information, it was just Trump's personal belief. It is not a basis to lead us to the brink of war," Schiff wrote on Twitter regarding the Pentagon chief's statements.

However, some Republicans also harshly criticized the government's information policy. This is how Senator Mark Lee called the meeting with government officials "offensive" and the refusal to provide hard evidence or to appropriately ask MPs "un-American, unconstitutional and simply wrong". The government had treated him and the other MPs "like little boys and girls", which they should not publicly question.

Soleimani's killing escalated U.S.-Iranian conflict

Kassem Soleimani was killed on January 3 by a drone attack in Baghdad,
 also a senior Iraqi officer and a civilian. After the one-sided
Exit the United States from the international nuclear deal with Iran
 this has exacerbated the US-Iran conflict.
Leading Iranian politicians threatened the US with revenge attacks, and Trump replied with its own threats.

Last Monday, several Iranian missiles struck US military bases in Iraq. Shortly afterwards, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards reportedly accidentally shot a Ukrainian passenger jet
 with 176 people on board from Tehran, which they apparently for one
US cruise missiles stopped. Fears that the mutual attacks could trigger a war have weakened somewhat since Trump announced further economic sanctions against Iran. Iran, in turn, announced another partial exit from the nuclear deal.

Mark Esper – No concrete evidence of attack plans
According to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, there have been no signs of planned attacks on US embassies. He contradicted US President Donald Trump.
© Photo: Dirk Waem / dpa

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