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Donald Trump backs up at Mueller report surprisingly – Democrats want to see his tax returns – News

Kim Jong Un is ready for a third meeting with US President Trump. In terms of Mueller report, he reverses. The news ticker.

  • US President Donald Trump has blacklisted Iranian Revolutionary Guards on Monday to blacklist terrorist organizations abroad
  • They wanted to send a clear message to the Teheran government "that their support for terrorists has serious consequences."
  • Iran has already reacted and has declared the US to be the "state sponsor of terrorism".
  • A US judge has seized a government order requiring Latin American asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until the US authorities decide in Mexico.

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Update of April 14, 2019: The opposition Democrats have set a new deadline for disclosure of US President Donald Trump's tax returns. The handover of the documents must be completed by April 23, said the Democratic Chairman of the House's Tax Law Committee, Richard Neal, in a letter to the IRS on Saturday. A first deadline of 10 April had let the government pass. Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin was cautious.

If the new deadline is not met, this would be interpreted as "refusing my application," warned Neal. In this case, he could issue a so-called subpoena – a legally binding invitation to submit the material.

Finance Minister Mnuchin, to which the IRS is reporting, said the government would respond to the new deadline. However, he would not give a "premature commitment" that the examination of the relevant application will be completed by then.

After the expiry of the first deadline, Mnuchin had stated that the examination could not be completed on time. It would have constitutional issues to be clarified, such as the powers of the Congress and the rights of US citizens.

Trump's chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said last week that the opposition would "never" be able to see the president's tax documents. He argued that voters voted Trump president in 2016, even though they knew he did not want to disclose his tax returns. He accused the Democrats that their demand was purely politically motivated.

Mnuchin also said on Saturday that the Democrats' request could set a precedent for the IRS to be "used as a weapon". Neal replied that it was not up to the IRS or the government to challenge the committee's motivation. The alleged "concerns" are "without basis".

News from April 13: Mueller report: Trump returns surprisingly

8.30 pm: The opposition US Democrats have set a new deadline for the government to hand over the tax returns of President Donald Trump. A first deadline of 10 April had let the government pass. Now, the Democratic chairman of the tax law committee in the House of Representatives, Richard Neal, set a new deadline for 23 April, he said in a letter to the IRS on Saturday.

If the new deadline is not met, this would be interpreted as "refusing my application," warned Neal. In this case, he could issue a so-called subpoena – a legally binding invitation to submit the material.

Kim prepared under conditions for a third meeting with Trump

6:20 pm:US President Donald Trump now has a problem with a publication of the Mueller report on the Russia affair. While he had recently stated that he had no objection to a complete publication of the report, by which he sees himself completely relieved, that sounded different on Saturday. "Why should radical left-wing Democrats in Congress have the right to start all over again and review the $ 35 million (…) report," Trump wrote in the short message service Twitter.

After all, the real "crime lies with the fraudulent Hillary, the DNC (Democratic Party Headquarters) and the dirty cops," Trump attacks, among other things, his former election campaign rival Hillary Clinton. The president had called the investigations a few days ago as an attempted "coup". Attorney General William Barr announced that he would investigate alleged "spying" of Trump's campaign team by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

9.45 am: North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un is ready for a third summit with US President Donald Trump. He would wait until the end of the year for a "courageous decision" by the US government, the state news agency KCNA quoted him on Saturday. Washington must, however, have the "right attitude" for another meeting, Kim said on Friday in a speech to the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly.

Trump and Kim had agreed on a "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" at their first summit in Singapore last June. How exactly this should be achieved remained open. Their second summit in Vietnam in February ended prematurely without agreement. Both sides made each other responsible for the failure, but also declared themselves ready for further talks.

According to KCNA, Kim said in his speech that after the meeting in Vietnam, he asked himself whether the US was "really interested" in better relations with North Korea. "We are ready to try again if the US offers a third summit with the right spirit and mutually acceptable conditions," Kim said.

His personal relationship with Trump continues to be good, Kim said, according to KCNA. Both could write letters at any time. Trump also had not ruled out a third summit meeting with Kim at the White House on Thursday before meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae In.

Mexico urges US to speed up border clearance

8.40 clock: With hours spent waiting for lorries on the Mexico-US border, the Mexican government has called Washington to action. Minister of Commerce Graciela Márquez said on Friday at a meeting with US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in Mérida "the concern of the Mexican government over the partial closures and the reduction of personnel at the border crossings, which affect the exchange of goods," said her ministry. She asked for "a quick solution, as in the current situation the Mexican export is damaged".

Because of the growing number of Mesoamerican migrants, the US government withdrew 750 border guards from their posts at border crossings last week and entrusted them with new tasks. These are now missing in the clearance of the vehicles, which leads to the delays. Trucks in particular often have to wait for hours for clearance. Due to lack of spare parts, according to the Mexican automotive industry, there are already disruptions in the operating procedures. The border between the US and Mexico is considered one of the busiest in the world. The trade volume between the two neighboring countries is over 610 billion US dollars.

News from 12 April: EU wants to fight back against Trump – billionaire list for retaliatory tariffs in work

19:32: In the dispute over illegal subsidies for aircraft manufacturers, the EU Commission has pushed ahead with the preparations for billions in retaliatory tariffs against the United States. As the German press agency learned from EU circles, the Brussels authority presented to the member states on Friday a list of US products that could be subject to additional charges. It included imports worth around 20 billion euros, it said.

The Commission did not want to officially confirm the information and give no examples of products. She pointed out that a consultation process was still planned with potentially affected EU companies, and that in the end only special tariffs on annual imports worth an amount of more than 10 billion euros should be imposed. This corresponds to the estimated damage caused by illegal US subsidies for the aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

19:25: The US has filed a request for extradition for the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the UK – a torture expert of the UN warns, however, against Assange to the US. For a remarkable reason.

"Disgusting": Trump plan with migrants flies up

11:25: According to a media report, the White House has targeted illegal migrants to live in democrat-ruled cities. As the Washington Post reported on Thursday, it should be the political opponents of Republican President Donald Trump harmed. The opposition condemned the idea as cynical and cruel.

According to the report, the White House first launched the idea in November. It was apparently intended to target the so-called Sanctuary Cities, which do not hand over illegal immigrants to the federal authorities. They usually have Democrats as mayors.

Loud Washington Post immigrants from Central America should be taken to "small and medium-sized hideaways" after their escape. The White House has told the Immigration Department (ICE) that it should both tackle the lack of space in detention facilities and send a signal to the Democrats. A senior ICE employee rejected the plan because of numerous concerns and referred to "PR risks". When the proposal was renewed a few months later, the authority rejected it as "inappropriate".

The Washington Post According to the White House, the plan is no longer pursued.

The migrants' destinations should also include the electoral district of Nancy Pelosi, the head of Democrats in the House of Representatives, according to the report. Her spokeswoman said the government's plan was "not to be outraged by cynicism and cruelty". It was "abominable" to use people – including small children – as a pawn to spread fear and demonize immigrants.

The "Press Photo of the Year 2019" also highlights Donald Trump's migration policy. On Thursday, the prize was awarded to photographer John Moore, who documented a heartbreaking scene at the US border with Mexico.

Former Obama adviser accused in the course of Russia investigation

10.18 clock: In the course of investigations by Russia special investigator Robert Mueller, allegations have been made against a former adviser to former President Barack Obama. Attorney Gregory Craig was charged on Thursday. He allegedly lied to investigators about his lobbying for the former Ukrainian government.

The partner of the major law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, who had worked under Obama in the White House, was hired in 2012 by the then pro-Russian government in Kiev. He was to revamp the image of the government, which had come through the trial of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko internationally criticized.

US prosecutors accuse the 74-year-old of deliberately not registering as a lobbyist for a foreign government. In addition, he is said to have tried to hide the income of this lobbying activity. The lawyer denies the allegations.

Craig is the first Democrat to be charged in the course of the Mueller investigation. In connection with his lobbying for Ukraine, former US President Donald Trump's election campaign chief Paul Manafort has already been sentenced to prison.

News from April 11: Trump considers third North Korea summit with Kim Jong Un

20:06: The negotiations on a possible denuclearization of North Korea will drag on longer in the opinion of US President Donald Trump. "It's a step-by-step process, it's not a quick process," Trump said Thursday at a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae In in Washington.

"It will not be fast," he emphasized. "If it's fast, then it's not the right deal."

The president said another meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was possible. "A third summit could take place." He enjoyed his previous meetings with Kim. "It was very productive."

This sheet supported Donald Trump in the Playmate affair – now it is to be sold

15:11: This news will blow waves into American politics: in WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested. Meanwhile, it is clear: Reason was also an extradition request from the US. Wikileaks had caused a sensation in 2010 when it published hundreds of thousands of secret documents from the communications of US embassies. Assange expects that in the US a lawsuit for treason and possibly even the death penalty could threaten.

Concretely, the US Justice accuses Assange of plotting with whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Assange is accused of helping Manning crack a password on a government computer network, a statement released Thursday by the Department of Justice on the US extradition request to Britain. There was talk of a maximum of five years in prison for Assange.

"National Enquirer" supported Donald Trump in the Playmate affair – now he is to be sold

3:00 pm:

The notorious American publisher American Media (AMI) wants to get rid of the US President Donald Trump-related gossip journal National Enquirer as well as the sister papers Globe and National Examiner. The future prospects of the tabloid media could be best used by a new owner, said editor David Pecker on Thursday. A speedy sale is likely.

The Enquirer, who actually wants to uncover scandals, recently stood even in the center of such: In February, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos accused the sheet extortion with nude photos and other intimate details. AMI also played a key role in a hush-money affair Trumps, who is considered a longtime confidant Peckers.

Karen McDougal claims to have an affair with Donald Trump – the "National Enquirer" bought the rights to her story – and made her disappear into the drawer.

© dpa / John Chennavasin

In the 2016 election campaign, AMI paid $ 150,000 to ex-playmate Karen McDougal, who claims to have had an affair with Trump. The "Enquirer" never published the story, but secured the rights to keep them quiet. The method is known in the US as "catch and kill" (in German about: "catch and destroy"). AMI acknowledged the allegations in December.

1:00 pm: The European Union is one step closer to planned retaliatory tariffs against the US for illegal subsidies to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing. On Thursday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Committee in Geneva formally adopted the final judgment in this case in late March, a spokesperson said. This opens the way for the EU to seek retaliation through a WTO mediator. The mediator determines the height.

A similar case has been brought by the US against the EU. This involves illegal subsidies for the European Boeing competitor Airbus. The last-instance verdict came last year. The US wants to impose a retaliatory tariff of 11 billion dollars (9.8 billion euros) a year – so high is the damage caused by the EU subsidies. The US government has just published a list of goods that would be affected by the tariffs. In addition to aerospace products, it also includes many other goods, such as cheeses, olive oil, oranges, wine, seafood or clothing.

The EU Commission has sharply criticized the US plans. The estimate of the amount of damage is exaggerated. It is confident that the WTO arbitrator also sees it that way. When his decision comes is so far completely open.

Trump interferes in Brexit

9.35 am: After the Brexit shift, US President Donald Trump has criticized the EU for its behavior towards Britain. "Too bad that the European Union is dealing so harshly with the UK and Brexit," Trump wrote in the Twitter short message service Thursday.

Earlier, during the night in Brussels, the EU and Britain had agreed to set October 31st as the new Brexit date. In this "flexible" extension but also an earlier exit is possible. London also has the opportunity to cancel Brexit until then.

Update from April 11th, 8.29 am: In the dispute over the publication of the tax declarations of US President Donald Trump threatens a further escalation. Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin informed the House Finance and Tax Committee on Wednesday that he could not meet a deadline set by the panel for the day to hand over the statements. Mnuchin also questioned in his letter whether the request of Democratic Committee Chairman Richard Neal was lawful at all. It has been consulted with the Ministry of Justice.

The White House has already rejected the demand. Trump made it clear on Wednesday that he continues to refuse to publish his tax returns. He would not release the declarations as long as they were still under investigation by the tax authorities, the Republican president said.

Critics consider Trump's argument an excuse. There is no law that states that tax returns can not be issued as long as they are reviewed. Democratic congressman Dan Kildee questioned CNN last week on whether or not to run a tax audit. "He says that. But as we know, the president says many things."

Trump provokes with Batman video – the news of 10 April

Update from April 10, 17:03: US President Donald Trump has got into trouble with the film production company Warner Bros. for a web video. The video political content circulated on Tuesday by the US president through Twitter used music from the 2012 Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises". Warner Bros. was not amused and complied loudly on the website buzzfeed Complaint about copyright infringement. After a few hours the video of Trump's account had disappeared. The use of the film song "Why Do We Fall?", Written by German composer Hans Zimmer Warner Bros. said the site was "not approved" for the video. In the short time Trump's account was in, the video became loud buzzfeed clicked more than a million times.

A man dressed as Batman at an event in Switzerland.

© dpa / Laurent Gillieron

The video was made by a Trump fan and was intended as a contribution to the 2020 election campaign. It featured images of Trump's presidency, including one of his meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the nomination of conservative constitutional judge Brett Kavanaugh. The creator of the video assumes that Trump will be re-elected. He speaks of a "great victory" in the coming year.

Trump shocks EU with inch gavel

23.00: US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has claimed the authority over whether Donald Trump's tax returns are being forwarded to Congress. The legal department of his house is in the process of investigating the opposition Democrats' request, Mnuchin said at a congressional hearing in Washington on Tuesday.

Donald Trump.

© dp a / John Locher

Richard Neal, the Democratic chairman of the House's tax law committee, had turned his request for Trump's tax return over the past six years not to the Treasury but to the IRS. However, the IRS is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance.

Mnuchin now told a sub-committee of the House of Representatives dealing with financial matters that while there is "a tradition of delegating certain responsibilities" to subordinate agencies. But it is again his responsibility to "supervise" the IRS chief.

18:17: In the midst of the Boeing crisis, US President Donald Trump has threatened Europeans with punitive tariffs for their subsidies for Airbus. His government will impose import surcharges on EU products worth eleven billion dollars (9.75 billion euros), announced Trump on Tuesday. The US and the EU have been arguing over state aid to the aircraft manufacturers for a decade and a half.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has concluded that European subsidies are detrimental to the United States, Trump wrote in the short message service Twitter. The EU has "used the US in trade for many years". This will end soon.

However, it was unclear what concrete consequences the threat of the US president will have. His Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer had also threatened with punitive tariffs on products valued at about $ 11 billion the previous day. But he also said that the exact volume of punitive tariffs is not yet clear and for the outcome of a WTO arbitration process should wait. The WTO decision is expected for the summer, according to Lighthizer.

The EU Commission threatens in turn with retaliation. The extent of the proposed countermeasures of the United States was "greatly exaggerated," said a representative of the European Commission Reuters. These could only be determined by an arbitral tribunal of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Commission will appeal to the latter to impose retaliatory measures on subsidies to US competitor Boeing.

"Punitive duties are not a solution to the problem here, but only lead to a spiral of foreclosure," warned the expert of the Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineering VDMA, Ulrich Ackermann. The EU should now quickly grant negotiating mandates for a lean free trade agreement with the US.

Immigration Policy: Next setback for Trump

6:06 pm: US Attorney William Barr intends to submit a partially blackened version of Special Rapporteur Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation next week. His original timetable remains in place until mid-April, Barr said Tuesday at a hearing in the Budget Committee of the US House of Representatives. "Within a week, I will be able to make the report available to the public." Mueller investigated whether Trump's campaign camp met secret talks with representatives of Russia and whether Trump was obstructing the judiciary.

Barr has so far only published its own four-page summary of the report. Trump is relieved in all points by this summary of his Minister of 24 March. There have been media reports in recent days that some investigators from Mueller's team believe that Barr did not adequately reflect the findings of the investigation and that they are more problematic for Trump than Barr suggested.

14:37: US President Donald Trump has suffered a renewed setback in his efforts to tighten immigration policy (see 6:20) – the US President reacted snorted. The judge has ruled that "Mexico is too dangerous for migrants," Trump wrote on Twitter. "So unfair for the US."

Judge Richard Seeborg justified his decision among other things with the obligation of the government not to return asylum seekers in "excessively dangerous conditions". The civil rights movement ACLU said in response to the court ruling, "The president can not ignore our laws to achieve his goal of preventing people from seeking asylum here."

The controversial new regulation has been in force since January and goes back to Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who is leaving office this Wednesday. Trump had announced on Sunday that Nielsen will leave her post. One reason was not mentioned. US media reported that Nielsen had been forced to resign. On Monday, Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Nemsen's secret service director, Randolph Alles, was about to vacate his post.

After Trump's announcement: Iran's president calls US "leader of international terrorism"

12:47: Following the US decision to classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a "terrorist organization," Iran's President Hassan Ruhani has labeled the US a true "leader of international terrorism." While the Revolutionary Guards "have been fighting terrorism since its inception", the US has attempted to "use" the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia against the states of the region, Ruhani said Tuesday.

"Who are you to declare the revolutionary institutions as terrorists?" Ruhani asked the US address at a speech on the occasion of the Day of Nuclear Technology in Iran. "Who propagates and promotes terrorism in the world today?" The Revolutionary Guards supported the Syrian and Iraqi governments against the jihadists, the Iranian president emphasized. The US, on the other hand, did not fight the IS militia and hid its leaders instead.

The US had officially classified the Revolutionary Guards on Monday as a "foreign terrorist organization." Iran then declared the US a "state supporter of terrorism" and US troops in the region "terrorist groups". The Revolutionary Guards were formed after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 as a militia to protect the new system and have since evolved into an army with its own navy and air force.

The US imposes entry bans on Saudi government employees.

© AFP / Ethan Miller

Trump government impose entry bans on 16 Saudis over Khashoggi murder

9.32 am: In connection with the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the US government has imposed entry bans on 16 former Saudi government officials. This was reported by the US State Department on Monday night (local time) in Washington. In November, the US Department of the Treasury had already imposed sanctions on these 16 people and one other person. Their assets in the US were frozen. US citizens are not allowed to do business with them since then. Now they and their close family members are also prohibited from entering the United States.

US judge dumps Trump order to asylum seekers

Update from April 9, 6:20 pm: A US judge has seized a government order requiring Latin American asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until the US authorities decide in Mexico. The court in San Francisco, California on Monday ruled that sufficient guarantees were lacking to protect the "life and freedom" of those affected. The decision of Judge Richard Seeborg applies from Friday. The US government is likely to appeal.

The government of US President Donald Trump announced in December that Central American asylum seekers will be sent back to Mexico for the duration of their application. The controversial measure has been implemented since January. Halting illegal immigration is one of the main themes of Trump's presidency.

Washington argues that 90 percent of asylum applications are ultimately rejected by judges. However, many asylum seekers would go underground during the often protracted process in the US and would not even appear for the trial date.

Critics argued, however, that in Mexico the refugees were in danger of life and limb. In the unsafe Mexican border region, refugees were tortured, raped and murdered.

Next Rauswurf: Trump fires boss of the Secret Service – the reason is puzzles

20.45 clock: The head of the US Security Service Service resigns. The White House announced on Monday the departure of Randolph "Tex" All without mentioning reasons for his resignation.

The Secret Service is responsible, among other things, for the protection of the US President and his family, US presidential candidates and foreign heads of state during their visits to the United States. In addition, the authority fights a number of financial crimes, such as counterfeiting.

One reason for the sudden departure of the former general was not mentioned. His resignation may be related to the change at the head of the Department of Homeland Security, to which the Secret Service is subordinate. The media also said it was parting with the arrest of a Chinese citizen who had misappropriated access to Trump's luxury Mar-a-Lago property in the state of Florida.

Trump is frustrated that the number of migrants entering the country from Central America has increased significantly in recent months. Halting illegal immigration is one of the guiding themes of his presidency.

However, according to CNN, Trump has also pushed him to retreat after All's boss Nielsen. Trump has suggested a change at the top of the Secret Service some time ago, they say. An unnamed employee apparently speaks of "systematic purges" in the Department of Homeland Security.

Iran reacts and calls USA its turn "state sponsor of terrorism"

19:05: For its part, Iran has declared the US "the state sponsor of terrorism." This was announced by official news agency Irna on Monday, shortly after US President Donald Trump put the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on a blacklist of "terrorist organizations". In addition, the Supreme National Security Council has classified the US troops in the Middle East as "terrorist groups," reported Irna,

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


6:45 pm: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the US decision to officially classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a "terrorist organization". Netanyahu said Monday that US President Donald Trump met one of his demands. The step of the US government took place one day before the general election in Israel.

Netanyahu thanked his "dear friend Donald Trump" for the decision. The US president had responded to an important demand from him that was in the interests of the two countries and in the interests of other countries in the region. Netanyahu and Trump are considered close political allies.

6:30 pm: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that the US would maintain maximum pressure until the Tehran government surrenders its "deadly ambitions." Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Sarif wrote on Twitter that Trump should think twice before leading the US into another "disaster". Pompeo replied on Monday that Iran's leaders had been made aware "that attacking the United States is something they should think about more than twice".

The US imposes entry bans on Saudi government employees.

© AFP / Ethan Miller

Trump declares Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization

Washington – The government of US President Donald Trump will classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terrorist organization. Trump announced this on Monday in a message circulated by the White House. This sends a clear message to the Tehran government "that their support for terrorists has serious consequences." The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are the elite unit of the armed forces in Iran and far more important than the classical army. The move should lead to new tensions between the two countries. The Revolutionary Guards had already threatened with countermeasures in advance.

Trump called the Revolutionary Guards "the Iranian government's primary tool to direct and implement their worldwide terror campaign." The move further aggravates the government's course towards Iran, which it considers a "rogue regime."

USA has already left the nuclear deal with Iran

The US president announced last year the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Tehran. The agreement was intended to prevent the construction of an Iranian nuclear bomb. In return, Iran was promised better economic relations. The United States, however, stepped out of the deal unilaterally and again imposed economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

It is the first time that the United States classifies a military unit of another state as a terrorist organization. So far, the State Department list includes the Islamic State (IS), Boko Haram or Hamas.

The measure aims to prevent financial aid for the Garden. US citizens and businesses are prohibited from supporting the organization – for example in the form of money, weapons or training. Members of the unit are also not allowed to enter the US or can be expelled.

All recent news about Donald Trump and the US can be found in our old news ticker.

Iran: "Will take appropriate action"

There had been some speculation for some time that Trump's government could classify the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. IRGC commander Mohammed Ali Dschafari warned Washington against such a move over the weekend. "If Americans really commit such a stupidity and endanger our national security, then we will take operational action against them," the news agency quoted him Tasnim,

According to the Constitution, the Revolutionary Guards are Iran's elite unit of Iranian armed forces and have been far more important than the classic army for more than three decades. The Revolutionary Guards are directly under the country's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final say in all strategic matters. The "Guard of the Islamic Revolution" controls all borders in Iran, the Persian Gulf, as well as nuclear facilities and military bases.

The unit also has great political and economic influence in the country. The Guards are ideologically closer to the hardliners, but the reformers around President Hassan Ruhani also respect and value them as the country's guarantor of security.

The classification as a terrorist organization is made by the US State Department. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo wanted to speak on Monday morning (local time).

You can read all information about Brexit in our Brexit ticker.

dpa / AFP


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