Donald Trump: Employees should have thought about mass withdrawal

foreign countries Unveiling book "A Warning"

Trump employees should have thought about mass withdrawal

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Unveiling book "A Warning" makes Trump look bad

Is the government work under US President Donald Trump on shaky ground? According to a revelation book by an anonymous author, it almost collapsed completely.

"A danger to the nation": In an anonymous book from the White House, Donald Trump is described as misogynist, incapable and unfit for the office of president. He would simply bypass security services.

Frough for Trump are "sweetheart", he ignores intelligence services: In the White House, a new disclosure book about US President Donald Trump causes a stir. It should come from the pen of a senior employee. According to them, a large number of high-ranking officials had considered stepping down together last year, in what they called "Midnight Self-Massacre", to raise public concern about Trump's behavior.

Government spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham called the author a "coward." He just did not want to give his name because his book offers "nothing but lies", criticized Grisham. Reporters should view the book for what it is – "a work of fiction."

An edition of the book with the title "A Warning" (German: "A warning") is the newspaper "Washington Post", which reported on Thursday for the first time on its contents. Trump is described therein as leaps and bounds, incompetent and unsuitable for the office of president.

Behind the scenes, the president speaks out racist and misogynist. He "stumbles, insults, is confused, quickly irritated and has trouble processing information," it said. The author only identifies himself as "a senior official in the Trump administration." He paints a portrait of a president who is cruel, incapable, and a danger to the nation, according to the newspaper. Many former officials and officials still on duty would share his opinion, it said.

Thus, the author describes high-ranking officials who wake up in the morning and are immediately "in huge panic" about the President's wild statements on Twitter. "It's like coming to the nursing home at daybreak to find your older uncle running around the yard wearing no pants and loudly cursing the food in the cafeteria while worried employees try to catch him," it says. "You are stunned, amused and embarrassed at the same time. Only your uncle would probably not do it every day, his words will not be publicized, and he will not have to lead the US government once he gets his pants on. "

"For women, he comments on the make-up"

The book also shows how Trump makes racist and misogynist comments. "I sat and listened in silence as he talked about a woman's appearance or performance," the author writes. "He commented on the makeup. He joked about her weight. He criticized the clothes, "he writes. "He questioned the tenacity of women around him. He used words like "sweetie" (sweetie) and "honey" to appeal to savvy experts. That's the way a boss in a work environment should not act. "

Once, when he got excited about migrants, he did so with a Spanish accent to make fun of them. Trump also said, according to the migrants' book, "We're bringing these women with seven children. They say, 'Oh, help me, please. My husband left me. 'They are useless. They do nothing for our country. If they at least come in with a husband, we could take him to the fields to pick corn or something else. "

Apart from such statements Trump is above all unable to lead the US through a serious international crisis. The author describes how Trump bypasses intelligence agencies and meetings of national security services, and believes that foreign adversaries see him as a "simple-weakling weakling" easily manipulated with flattery.

Following the assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump has said to an adviser that it would be stupid to mess with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. "The oil would rise to $ 150 a barrel. Jesus. How stupid would I be? "

The 259-page book, which will be released on November 19, does not outline many specific situations. The author says he wants to prevent it from becoming recognizable. However, he does not seem to rule out naming his name in the future. "Some call it cowardice … I'm not unprepared to add my name to the criticism, I'll do that in due course," the writer is quoted by the Post. The Department of Justice warned the author and his two agents that the anonymous writer might violate a secrecy agreement.

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