Donald Trump fined for using his foundation for political purposes


The prosecutor denounced a mix of politics and humanitarian, Donald Trump making public demonstration of his generosity.

Donald Trump was sentenced Thursday, November 7 by a court in New York to pay 2 million dollars (1.81 million euros) in damages for using his foundation as a political instrument, in the context of an amicable agreement. The New York state attorney had attacked the foundation and its directors in June 2016, saying the current US president had used the organization for personal purposes and not for charity.

Although Donald Trump has repeatedly assured that he would not compromise on this issue, he and three of his children (Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka) concluded an amicable agreement with the prosecution Letitia James to end the procedure, according to documents on file. The final part of this deal was a charity gala held in January 2016 in Iowa.

The event was, in fact, managed by his campaign team. The $ 2.8 million raised at the gala was only passed through the foundation, used as an instrument of Donald Trump's campaign.

While the money was eventually donated to Veterans Support Associations, the prosecutor denounced a mix of politics and humanitarian issues, with Donald Trump publicly demonstrating his generosity.

To punish Donald Trump's failure to fulfill his obligations as a foundation administrator, New York Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla has sentenced the President of the United States to pay two million dollars damages. The funds will be donated to eight charities.


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