Donald Trump has to pay millions for abusing his foundation

Because he has abused his foundation, among other things, in the election campaign, US President Donald Trump must pay two million dollars (about 1.8 million euros). That ordered a court in New York. The payment is part of an agreement to settle the dispute surrounding the Trump Foundation, which began in 2018.

The prosecutor's office in New York accused Trump and his three oldest children – Eric, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. – in a lawsuit in June 2018, of illegally conducting their own business with regard to the foundation. They also supported Donald Trump's presidential election campaign in an illegal way. The foundation was therefore "an empty shell" whose board has not met since 1999 and in which since Trump alone made the decisions.

Specifically, the Trumps are said to have raised $ 2.8 million in donations to influence the presidential election campaign. With the funds Trump had also settled open legal claims against his vacation home Mar-A-Lago in Florida and a golf club, Trump hotels advertised and bought things for personal use.

The public prosecutor's office had then instituted a procedure to dissolve the Foundation under judicial supervision. The resolution was finally sealed in late 2018. The remaining assets of the Foundation and the additional two million dollars that Trump now has to pay should be distributed to several charities, according to the New York prosecutor.

With donation checks at election campaigns

The allegedly illegal activities listed in the lawsuit include collaboration between the Foundation and Trump's campaign team at a fundraising event in favor of military veterans. Of the funds raised at the January 2016 event in the state of Iowa, $ 2.82 million went to the Foundation's funds. From this pot then donations were paid to veteran organizations – the Trump campaign team had controlled the distribution.

At that time, Trump appeared in media coverage at election campaigns with large copies of donation checks. The prosecutors saw this as an abuse of his foundation for political purposes. The donations paid out through the foundation fund would have made Trump "beneficent" and sharpened his profile in the election campaign. As another possible violation of the law, the prosecutors called the purchase of a Trump portrait for $ 10,000, which was hung in one of his golf clubs.

It is already the third time in a week that Trump is experiencing a legal slump in New York. On Monday, an appeals court ruled that the president must disclose his tax returns over the past eight years. On the same day, a newspaper columnist accusing Trump of rape sued the president for defamation. Trump had accused the woman of inventing the incident.

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