Donald Trump insisted on the “triumph” of 2020 and did not rule out being a candidate again

Former United States President Donald Trump returned to Washington on Tuesday for the first time since he left power in 2021 and, in addition to claiming victory in the last presidential election, He left the door open to the possibility of performing again.

“I applied for the first time and won. Then I applied a second time and it went much better. I had many millions more votes. Maybe we have to do it again,” he told the conservative think tank America First Policy Institute.

His speech coincides with a time when new revelations by the committee investigating the January 6, 2021 assault on Capitol Hill, while the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden was being certified, have proven that Trump did not want to stop the protest in time —in the that there were five deaths—nor discredit the offenders.

what’s coming

A protest against Donald Trump at the conservative America First Policy Institute. Reuters photo

The members of that committee “are the same ones who said he was an agent of Russia,” criticized Trump, whose campaign for the 2016 elections was investigated by the FBI due to his ties to Russia.

Without openly declaring his intention to try again for the White House, the former Republican president refused to stay in the background.

“If I renounce my beliefs, if I agree to stay silent and at home, it would be easy. The persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately, but I can’t do it because I love our country and the people of our country,” he said.

The former leader insisted that he sacrifices himself for the United States: “Doing it is an honor, because if I don’t, our nation is condemned to be another Venezuela or another Soviet Union. We are headed for that,” he lamented.

Trump has not yet recognized his defeat in the 2020 elections by alleging without evidence that there was electoral fraud, something that was dismissed by several US courts, including the Supreme Court.

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Trump’s appearance in Washington – his first trip since January 20, 2021, when President Joe Biden took office – comes at a time when their possible rivals in 2024 have taken steps increasingly open to questioning his status as the party’s standard-bearer.

Among them is former Vice President Mike Pencewho has been trumpeting his “Freedom Agenda” in speeches that draw an implicit contrast to Trump.

“Some people may choose to focus on the past, but I think conservatives need to focus on the future. If we do, we will not only win the next election, but we will also change the course of American history for generations,” he planned. say Pence in a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington on the eve of Trump’s visit.

Pence’s appearance was postponed due to bad weather, but he will deliver his speech Tuesday morning before the Young America’s Foundation, not far from the AFPI meeting.

Trump has spent much of the time since leaving the presidency obsessed with the 2020 elections and dedicated to spreading lies about his loss to cast doubt on Biden’s victory.

Even as the January 6 commission exposed his desperate attempts to stay in power and his refusal to dissuade a violent mob trying to stop the peaceful handover of power, Trump continued trying to pressure the authorities to annul Biden’s victory, despite the fact that there are no legal means to delegitimize the last election.

Source: EFE and AP