Donald Trump: “No one thought that Biden would be this disaster” – News

Donald Trump insisted on his theory that he won the last presidential election, warned about “radical Democrats who want to make a communist country” and considered the management of the head of state, Joe Biden, “a disaster”.

“We are tired of politicians in Washington controlling our lives. We are tired of their mandates”Trump said on Saturday night, questioning the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and in line with his classic election slogan (“Make America Great Again”), he urged his supporters to “take America back.”

At a meeting in Florence, a rural town southeast of the Arizona state capital, Phoenix, the tycoon judged that “radical Democrats want to turn the United States into a communist country” and insisted that he won “widely” the November elections. of 2020.

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Amid banners reading “Trump 2020” and “Trump 2024,” and in a nearly 90-minute speech, Trump discredited the cause against the thousands of his supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year.

“The real insurrection was on November 3,” he replied in reference to the date of the elections, and called the courts “persecuted” by the seizure of Congress.

“They are living through hell: they should be able to see their lawyers. And if we think they are innocent, then we should help them defend themselves,” he said, according to the agencies. AFP Y ANSA.

Regarding the Democrats, he called them driven by an “evil spirit of leftist fascism.”

“We knew that Joe Biden was not going to be good, but few imagined that he would be such a disaster. He humiliated the country on the international stage”, he remarked, and spoke of the “disaster” in Afghanistan, for which, however, “no head has fallen.”

“Enough is enough, they have to leave our children alone. Now, let’s take learning lessons from a party that tells us that men are women, that women are men and that babies can be killed after birth,” he added. Trump.

And he advanced: “We will prohibit men from participating in women’s sports. Enough is enough; when too much is too much.”