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Donald Trump officially opens the 2020 campaign

NThis is no surprise, but now it is almost official: Donald Trump will once again compete for the post of US President, which he won in 2016, for many surprisingly, on a wave of populist discontent and rebellion against Hillary Clinton. At the election campaign in Florida juggled with all the set pieces, which he will knock in the coming weeks, the Democrats around the ears and which, in turn, put him in the most beautiful of all lights. And while his motto was "Make America Great Again" three years ago, he is now going to battle with the slogan "Keep America Great." In other words, he will throw his balance into the balance.

Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger

And in the eyes of his followers, this is always impressive enough to take him a second time in the White House. The economy is still running well, unemployment is, according to official statistics, as low as decades no longer. Trump has brought his candidates to the Supreme Court; For the evangelical part of his followers alone, that counts more than anything else. That the president did not come far with his wall project; that he has broken trade conflicts; That he has further deepened the division of society is relatively indifferent to his followers. To them Trump seems like a promise, like a savior who frees them from the impositions of cultural, demographic, social and economic change in America.

True, his polls are comparatively low. But who concludes that Trump will have to look for a new place to stay in January 2021, could once again experience a blue miracle. Donald Trump can definitely be re-elected. The Democrats, who are as busy on Fifth Avenue as they are on Friday afternoon, will be busy with themselves for many months (pissing and wounding). For them, it is about whether the reinvigorated part of the party prevails or the moderate wing. Should it be a "progressive" candidate running for them in November 2020, America can prepare for a battle of epic drama. Will the political pendulum swing in the other direction?

Anyway, Donald Trump will turn to full volume. On the other hand, domestic fixation may have a calming effect on one point: as a Gulf warrior, Donald Trump probably will not want to go into the election campaign. But who knows this with a man who has made unpredictability and jumpiness his trademark?

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