Donald Trump said he "seriously considers" testifying before Congress in the investigation that drives the political trial against him


US President Donald Trump announced Monday that he will consider "seriously" testifying in the context of the political trial investigation carried out by the House of Representatives, as recommended by Democratic Chief Nancy Pelosi.

"Although I haven't done anything wrong and I don't like to give credibility to this parody of justice, I like this idea and, so that Congress can concentrate again (in its legislative role), I will seriously consider (testify)‚ÄĚTrump said in a tweet, responding to a Pelosi interview broadcast the day before.

During the investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller about Russian interference, the president's legal team recommended that he not undergo an interrogation and he simply answered in writing some questions on issues agreed between prosecutors and lawyers.

It is expected that at least eight other officials and former Trump administration officials concur to testify before Congress in televised audiences throughout the country, within the framework of these investigations.

In the event that the lower house determines that there must be a political trial against the president, it will be the turn of the Senate, dominated by the conservatives, to assess and vote on their possible dismissal.

Precisely by the Republican majority, it is unlikely that the process will end with Trump outside the White House.

According to an Ipsos survey released Monday by ABC, 70% of Americans believe that the president acted incorrectly when he asked the Ukrainian government to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, former vice president and one of the favorites in the internal democrat for next year's election. Further, 51% of respondents responded that Trump should be subjected to a political trial in the Senate and later dismissed.

However, only 21% indicated that they have been following television audiences in Congress very closely, in which different witnesses have corroborated the versions of Trump's pressures for the Ukrainian government to investigate the Biden.

On Friday, in full hearing of the former US ambassador to Ukraine, Trump criticized witness Marie Yovanovitch and his messages were read by Democratic congressmen, who indicated that the president's intention was to intimidate the diplomat, an accusation that could add to the statement of impeachment.


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