Donald Trump thinks immortalization on Mount Rushmore is a good idea

Donald Trump’s head larger than life carved in stone? The 74-year-old President never suggested an extension of the world-famous monument of four of his predecessors on Mount Rushmore, but the idea does not seem to displease him. “I never suggested it,” although, given the achievements of his presidency, “sounds like a good idea to me,” the president wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening (local time).

The reason for Trump’s tweet was a report in the “New York Times” on Saturday, according to which a White House official asked the governor of South Dakota last year how adding a president to the monumental national monument would work. CNN also got into the story. Trump dismissed the reports as false.

“Did you know it’s my dream?”

“This is fake news,” wrote Trump. Shortly before, he had posted a photo of himself in a tweet in front of the portrait heads of former Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. On the eve of the national holiday on July 4th, he gave a speech in front of this backdrop, which met resistance from the indigenous people. The Black Hills are sacred to the Sioux. They claim the area in which the already controversial monument, which is almost 80 years old, is for themselves. In his speech on July 4th, Trump had declared that the memorial would remain untouched.

At an appearance in the summer of 2017, Trump had toyed with the idea of ​​whether his supporters would like it if he would one day be part of the memorial. Today’s Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, said in an election campaign in 2018 that Trump once seriously told her: “Did you know that it is my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?”

According to the New York Times, Noem has been working since taking office in 2018 to ensure that Trump would come to this year’s National Day celebrations with controversial fireworks in her state.


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