Donald Trump looks like "Game of Thrones" – at least that suggests a Twitter post of the US President. Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

With a bizarre Twitter action, Donald Trump has "Game of Thrones" fans on Friday
   upset. The US President posted a poster that shows him in a heroic pose.
   Among them, he quit with the slogan "Sanctions Are Coming" (about: sanctions
   come on Monday planned sanctions against Iran. With the design
   of the photo and the saying, Trump obviously plays on the fantasy series "Game of
   Thrones ", which advertises with the slogan" The Winter Comes ".

On Twitter, the bizarre post mainly met with negative reactions. So posted
   several users of photos that show Robert Mueller, the possible as a special investigator
   To investigate connections of Trump's campaign team with Russian officials. "Miller
   Is Coming "is one of the posters overwritten. Other users accused Trump, he
   use the series for his political goals.

Also the transmitter HBO, which shows "Game of Thrones", intervened. "How do you say
   Copyright Infringement on Dothraki? "Asked HBO on his Twitter account. Dothraki is
   a fictional language from the "Game of Thrones" universe.

The US sanctions against Iran are highly controversial internationally
   and are rejected, inter alia, by the European Union.

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