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Donald Trump's bold plan to exclude non-citizens in ICE raids

US President Donald Trump is expected to announce new executive measures during a press conference on the 2020 Census and his move to include a citizenship issue.

Mr. Trump has tweeted that he had planned "a census and citizenship press conference" after a White House Social Media Summit.

A high-ranking administrative officer, speaking on condition of anonymity for previewing the plans, said the president would announce new measures, but the official did not respond.

Mr. Trump said last week that he was "very serious" about taking executive action to force the matter into the issue, and that it was one of four or five options he weighed.

"This is one of the ways we are seriously considering it," he said, although the government has already started to print the questionnaire for the census without the question.

It came as The New York Times Reported that immigration and customs officials are preparing to raid off Sunday to arrest thousands of illegal immigrants in the US, just weeks after PresMr Trump announced it was delaying the operation.

The ICE agents will target at least 2,000 immigrants whose deportation has already been ordered, according to a New York Times report that mentions one former and two current officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

An ICE spokesperson who was asked to comment did not provide specific details, citing "sensitivity of law enforcement agencies and the safety of US immigration and customs officials."

Republicans Jim Jordan said in an interview with Fox and Friends that he expected Mr. Trump to announce a board of directors and he thought, "It's a good move."

An executive order would not in itself override the court judgments blocking the question. But such a move could provide administrative lawyers with a new foundation to convince federal courts that the issue could be raised.

Mr Trump's administration had to contend with numerous obstacles to add to the question, including a ruling by the Supreme Court which temporarily prohibited its inclusion.

A second federal judge rejected on Wednesday the Ministry of Justice's plan to change the legal department fighting against the issue.

The decision came only one day after another federal judge issued a similar verdict in Manhattan. He said that the Department of Justice can not replace nine lawyers so late in the dispute without satisfactorily explaining why this is the case.

However, Mr Trump has insisted that his administration proceed and last week suggested that officials may be able to add a questionnaire addendum to the question after it has already been printed.

The Government's primary focus on asking for citizenship for the first time since 1950 reflects the enormous political commitment and potential costs of the decade-long population that determines the House of Representatives' seat distribution over the next 10 years and its distribution of approximately $ 675 billion Dollars on federal expenditures.

Democrats, when migrants are counted, fear that money and political power will be withdrawn from democratically-led cities where immigrants are piling up and moved to whiter rural areas where Republicans are doing well.


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