Donald Trump’s brother calls his brother a “loser and has no principles.”

WASHINGTON DC, – In the run-up to the Republican National Convention, an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s older sister was revealed, describing the president as “a loser and a man without principles”.

The footage contains the opinion of Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge, and was asked by Trump’s nephew, Mary Trump, who last July published a book criticizing the president, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World‘s Most Dangerous Man.

Trump’s older sister’s view was released on Saturday (8/22/2020) and has been in the media since then, both inside and outside the United States.

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Mary Trump said she secretly recorded conversations with her aunt to protect her from lawsuits.

Under New York laws passed in 2018 and 2019, these records are legal.

Responding to this recording, the White House said, “There’s always something new coming up every day, who cares?”

Brother Trump said – “If you are a religious person, then you will help people”

In one section Barry calls Donald Trump “lying” and thinks his younger brother is “cruel.”

Barry also spoke of Trump’s policy of suppressing immigration, which in practice separates parents from their children.

Barry said, “If you are a religious person, then you are helping people … not doing this kind of thing (separating parents from their children).”

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“What he’s thinking about is how to satisfy his support base,” said Barry.

He also touched on Trump’s “cheating” in order to enter university.

“He [Donald Trump] got accepted to the University of Pennsylvania because he paid someone to take a test, “said Barry.

This problem is in Mary Trump’s book and Barry says that even he still remembers the name of the person who took the exam, so Trump was accepted into university.

Barry was previously known to be close to Donald Trump and has said that the two are close.

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What’s the White House’s response?

After this recording was published The Washington PostDonald Trump issued a written statement saying “something new comes up every day” and added that President Trump would “ignore this kind of thing”.

The White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said “President Trump is not what is described in the classified footage.”

He also questioned Mary Trump’s motive for “secretly recording talks with Maryanne Trump Barry”.

Meadows said Mary Trump took this action “because she wanted Joe Biden to be elected president”.

A spokeswoman for Mary Trump said that in anticipation of a possible lawsuit in court “Mary Trump felt the need to record these talks to protect her”.

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AFP/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/ALEX WONG United States President Donald Trump addresses a press conference that takes place in the James Brady Room, White House, Washington DC, on August 10, 2020.

Republican National Convention

The footage, which has been described as explosive, was revealed just two days before the Republican National Convention, which begins Monday (24/8/2020) and ends Thursday (27/8/2020).

The convention takes place once every four years, with the highlight of the day determining the presidential and cawapres candidates running in the November elections.

In addition to announcing which pairs will run in the presidential election, the presidential candidate platform and work program will be decided.

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As the incumbent, de facto Donald Trump is a candidate from the Republic, but still there must be an official decision from the party, announced in this convention, so that he can run again in the presidential election.

The plan is for Trump to accept the Republican nomination at the White House, a decision that has been criticized by some because the place he is taking is federal property.

Accepting party nominations on government-owned property is considered “unethical”.

The convention was held when Trump fell behind Democrat Joe Biden in many opinion polls.

Journalist BBC in Washington, Anthony Zurcher, said in recent months, Biden has always outperformed Trump and this convention could be Trump’s last chance to turn things around.

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