Donate blood, an altruistic gesture with which we can save 3 lives

Summer is always a time of shortage in hospital blood supplies. With the summer season comes more trips, more accidents, more operations… And what’s more, the rate of donations slows down due to the dispersion of the population. At this time, as explained by the Organ and Blood Donation Agency —ADOS—, it is necessary to replace in all groups but, especially, in A+, A- and 0+.

This altruistic gesture can be carried out by all those who have between 18 and 65 years oldgood health and that they do not suffer from infectious or chronic diseases, in which it can harm our own well-being.

The donation “is a simple act that can help save 3 lives,” says Dr. José María Vázquez, head of collection management at ADOS. This is because blood is broken down into red blood cells, plasma, and platelets.. “In each donation, 460 milliliters are extracted and divided. Blood expires every 42 days.

From ADOS the goal is to get between 400 and 500 donations for the 32 Galician hospitals every day. “If several surgeries or transplants coincide on the same day, they leave the groups affected.”

That is why in Galicia there are 7 fixed points and 10 mobile units that visit different points of the community. The donation truck will arrive this Friday, January 28, at O ​​Barco de Valdeorras. Helping and being supportive is very simple. With the aim of preserving the established health measures, the Organ and Blood Donation Agency — ADOS— has established a system that is based on prior appointment through a telephone number —900 100 828—.