Donating blood and plasma save lives


They help with cancer and even bite injuries

by Norbert Dörholt

(23.07.2021) Over a million people worldwide require medicinal products based on human blood. The Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry BPI eV wants to make the population aware of this once more.

The Federal Association for Patient and Insured Interests eV “The Patient Forum” in Mainz supports this initiative. As the managing director of the 11,000 member association Mechtild Pfeiffer-Krahl writes in the association’s new information sheet “Aufgepasst & Hergehört”, 1,200 plasma donations are required to care for a patient with a blood clotting disorder for a year, for example. In 88 blood and plasma donation centers in Germany, healthy people could donate blood four to six times a year and plasma up to 60 times – and thus save lives.

Medicines based on blood products are used for immune deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, blood clotting disorders, cancer and genetically caused hereditary diseases. In surgery, general and emergency medicine, pharmaceuticals based on plasma are also used for severe burns, severe injuries and operations, liver and lung diseases, bite injuries in animals and also organ transplants. ([email protected])