Donating blood for a good cause

Ahlen – A blood donation becomes double support. Not only does the DRK get the urgently needed blood, the Aids Aid also benefits. Thanks to the efforts of the Volksbank.

In the middle of the summer vacation, the Red Cross, Volksbank Ahlen and Aids-Hilfe call for blood donations. On July 21 (Wednesday), blood donors are welcome between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Volksbank forum at Weststrasse 72-74. The Volksbank donates five euros to the Aids-Hilfe Ahlen for every blood donor.

The DRK asks everyone who would like to donate to reserve the appropriate date in advance under blood donation. So everyone can donate blood without waiting and under the highest possible safety and hygiene standards.

If a lot is possible again this summer, there will be a lot of catching up to do. How nice when you can finally enjoy time in the swimming pool, in the ice cream parlor and doing sports. The DRK blood donation service notes, however, that the willingness to donate blood is now clearly declining. Blood transfusions remain indispensable for many patients, because many treatments and operations that have been postponed due to Corona should also be rescheduled.

After a vaccination against corona, there is no need to defer blood donation. If there are no vaccine reactions such as fever or nausea, those who have been vaccinated can donate blood again the following day. The donated blood is not tested for Sars-Cov-2, because according to current scientific knowledge, the virus cannot be transmitted as part of a blood transfusion.

Even in times of the coronavirus, hospitals urgently need blood donations so that patients can continue to be safely treated with blood preparations in therapy and emergency care.

The DRK blood donation services are closely monitoring the corona situation and are in close contact with the authorities. The current approval regulations for blood donation continue to guarantee a very high level of protection for blood donors and recipients.

Anyone wishing to donate blood must be at least 18 years old and feel healthy. Please bring your ID card with you to the blood donation appointment. Since there is currently no snack after the blood donation, the Red Cross will hand out packed lunches to strengthen them.


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