Donating organs is giving life | News | Buenos Aires City

Today, May 30, the National Organ Donation Day is celebrated, and from the City Sports Secretariat we want to raise awareness, accompany and promote the importance of donating organs.

And within this framework, the #ParqueSarmiento provides a space for transplanted people to play sports. Every Saturday afternoon a group of enthusiastic athletes of all ages meet to learn and play #Badminton, supported by the Metropolitan Federation of this sport and the Buenos Aires Sports Secretariat.

“Receiving a transplant is resurfacing, I call it my other birthday, it’s being born again,” says Emanuel Ubeira, 26, who has had a kidney transplant for four years.

Every May 30, National Organ Donation Day is celebrated, commemorating the birth of the son of the first patient who gave birth after receiving a transplant in a public hospital.

And as the phrase “Donating organs is giving life” says, an act of love and humanity at its best, which is reflected in each person who donates and in the person who receives an organ.

Awareness is essential so that all of us can learn about the importance of donating organs, tissues and cells.

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