The year 2018 will not be that of the League Against Cancer. The association saw its donations fall by 8 million euros this year, while they accounted for more than 45 million last year. " We are devastated. In general, we try not to cry wolf, but here we are really concerned "Said to theAFP Christophe Leroux, communication director of the League.

While the drop in donations concerns all the associations, the proportion of that of the League is surprising. " Our loyal donors tell us that they are canceling their donations because they have to help their families, or postpone them because they are lost from a tax point of view, between the CSG and the withholding tax. "Continued Christophe Leroux.

We are devastated. In general, we try not to cry wolf, but here we are really concerned.

According to him, the drop is particularly blatant in the rural and overseas departments. " It corresponds to the places where the precariousness of the patients is the most important: it is therefore in the places that have the most needs that the decline is most felt ", he added.

Threatened research

The drop in donations will necessarily have a impact on certain research programs or project financing. In 2017, support for research amounted to € 36 million and " the budget allocated to the action and the accompaniment of sick people was more than 21 million euros According to the League.

The League Against Cancer wanted to recall in a statement that " 40% of donations are made in the last quarter of each year And that they are tax-deductible up to 66%.



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