Donations for the Corona emergency aid – DRK eV

With the donations for the Corona emergency aid you actively support the work of the volunteers and the relief efforts to avert the crisis.

There are currently many volunteers working to help the elderly and the needy in the wake of the corona pandemic. This includes, for example, psycho-social care in times of quarantine and spatial distancing. And the supply of the necessary food is also the focus of the relief efforts: with the help of the volunteers, food delivery services are organized in order to protect the elderly and the needy and to reduce possible risk of infection.

“In these extremely difficult times, it is particularly important that no one is left alone.”

DRK President Gerda Hasselfeldt

Solidarity and cohesion can make a big difference during this time. With more than 435,000 voluntary helpers and around 175,000 full-time employees nationwide, the German Red Cross is well positioned to help people in need. Donate care with your contribution to Corona emergency aid:

Donate now for the Corona emergency aid


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