Donbass. Operational tape of military events 03/13/2018

Donbass.  Operational tape of military events

Operational information with DNR and LNR fronts, military reports from the Armed Forces of New Russia, news ATO, photos and videos of military journalists of the hot spots of Donbass, topical interviews with the leaders of the New Russia.
17:50 Sunships expel local residents from their homes
According to reports from residents of the Novoaidar settlement, new military personnel who entered during the rotation begin to drive local residents out of their homes. This fact is far from being single, thus five families have already lost their roof over their heads, two of them have underage children. Law enforcement authorities refused to accept the application, referring to the fact that the military commandant’s office is engaged in the APU.

17:10 SCCC released details of shelling of convoys of the company “Water of Donbass”
Ukrainian siloviki deliberately fired at the column of vehicles of the municipal enterprise “Company” Water of Donbass “, transporting workers of the Donetsk filtering station. Such conclusions were reached by representatives of the People’s Democratic Republic in the SCCC.

“Today at 3:30 pm, a column of three cars of the working shift of the filtering station underwent firing from the APU, which left the territory of the DFS and moved along the N-20 highway towards Yasinovatoy. The column consisted of a bus, shift workers and cars. On the west side of the road, where the line of DUU dug-outs lies, light fire from small arms was opened through the column, as a result of which a shift vehicle and bus were damaged on the starboard side, “it was informed.

The Joint Center for Monitoring and Coordination of the cease-fire regime noted that the firing was carried out by servicemen of the 25th separate airborne brigade from a distance of less than 100 meters. According to the officers of the SSCC, the militants deliberately fired at the convoy with civilians.
16:30 Representative of NM LNR on the situation on the contact line of the parties

15:50 People’s militia of ЛНР denied accusation of Ukrainian side in violation of ceasefire
The statement of Ukrainian law enforcers about violation of ceasefire by armies in Donbass is not true, told reporters the official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland Andrei Marochko.

Earlier, Ukrainian siloviki said that militiamen opened fire on their positions five times over the past day, two military men were injured.

“There is an obvious falsification of data on violation of the cessation regime,” Marachko said.

According to him, the summary of the headquarters of the military operation of the Ukrainian siloviki in the Donbas contains data “without any basis.”

15:20 Ukrainian side places warehouses with ammunition in cities under Kiev’s control
Kiev security forces, in violation of the Minsk Agreements, placed missile and artillery armament (RAW) warehouses in the settlements of Lugansk region controlled by them.

“We continue to receive information about the facts of violation of the requirements for storage of ammunition in the territory temporarily controlled by the APU. First of all, it is noted that all warehouses with ammunition in violation of all safety standards are located in the settlements or on their outskirts, “said the official representative of the NM LNR Andrei Marochko. – In the area of ​​responsibility of the 80th Brigade, in the warehouses of rocket and artillery weapons in settlements Novoyeidar, Alekseyevka, Shiroky, agricultural buildings are used for storage of ammunition. These buildings and the surrounding area do not meet the security requirements and can lead to another tragedy and new victims among the local population. ”

14:45 Intelligence of the People’s Republic of France registered a prohibited weapon near the contact line
The reconnaissance of the Dnieper recorded three self-propelled artillery units of the APU in the conflict zone west of Donetsk. This was announced today by the head of the press service of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Daniil Bessonov.

“Three self-propelled artillery units from the self-propelled howitzer artillery battalion of the 30th Independent Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces were marked on the southern outskirts of Ostrovskoye (Maryinsky District – ed. Ed.), 15 kilometers from the contact line,” Bezsonov said.

14:00 LC denied the data of the OSCE
The People’s Militia denied the data of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (CMM) on the violation of the LCM of the storage of allotted weapons.

“We are concerned about the principles of the work of the OSCE CMM in the territory of the People’s Republic of China. So today, in its daily report, the OSCE mission indicated information on the absence of six BM-21 Grad rocket launchers, five 122-mm D-30 “Frog” towed howitzers, three 2C1 “Gvozdika” self-propelled howitzers and one 152-mm towed howitzer 2A65 “Msta-B”, – said the official representative of the Defense Ministry of the Republic Andrei Marochko. – I once again declare that this information is not true. All of the above weapons and military equipment is not included in the list of the place of challenge that was visited by the OSCE observers. ”

The representative of NM LNR addressed the leadership of the mission with a request to draw attention to the statements of the defense ministry.

“I appeal to the leadership of the mission to pay attention to this fact and henceforth be more vigilant in checking the sites for weapons disposal. We, in turn, are ready to assist the representatives of the OSCE mission to verify the lists of allotted weapons and equipment that were submitted in accordance with the Minsk agreements, “he stressed.

13:30 Residents of Donbass do not believe in peaceful resolution of the conflict

12:55 Daily report from STCC
Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian troops fired nearly 150 different ammunition in the front territories of the Dnieper. This was stated today by the head of the representative office of the People’s Democratic Republic in SCCC Ruslan Yakubov.

“In the evening of March 12, under the fire of Ukrainian siloviki there were several settlements in the south of the Republic: Sakhanka, Dzerzhinsky, Leninskoye. The APU fired on the territory using 120 and 82 mm mortars, LNG, AGS, small arms and large-caliber small arms.
As a result of the bombardment of damage, an apartment building was built in the village. Kominternovo at the address. Akhmatova, etc. 7. Presumably, as a result of a direct hit in the house of mines with a caliber of 120 mm, the roof was completely destroyed, all the glass was knocked out. By a lucky chance, at the time of the bombardment the tenants were absent, the victims managed to escape. The total number of ammunition used by the APU is 142 units, “the message says.

Yakubov added that the most intense fire was fired in the south of the Republic.
12:20 For a day under the shelling of Ukrainian war criminals there were five settlements of the People’s Republic of Germany
The APU over the past day violated the ceasefire five times. This was announced today in the operational command of the People’s Democratic Republic of Germany.

“Over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have violated the ceasefire five times. Mortars of 120 and 82 mm calibers, grenade launchers and small arms were used, “the commanders said.

It is noted that fire from the positions of Ukrainian troops was conducted in the regions of five settlements of the Republic. In particular, the villages of Krutaya Balka near Yasinovata and Zaitsevo in the north of Gorlovka, the villages of Sakhanka, Leninskoye and Dzerzhinskoye in the south of the DNR fell under bombardment.
Information about the victims and the destruction is being specified.

11:45 Merkel spoke about her view on the implementation of the Minsk agreements
Angela Merkel hopes that after the presidential elections in Russia it will be possible to return to the topic of qualitative promotion in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“I proceed from the fact that after the elections in Russia, which will take place this Sunday, we will again be able to take a little run and see where we can make a qualitative progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Merkel told reporters in Berlin at a joint briefing with party leaders, which will enter the future government of Germany.

10:55 Last week four residents of LNR were killed in fires

The firemen of the Emergency Ministry of the People’s Republic of Finland over the past week liquidated in the Republic of 23 fires, three people became victims of the fire element, another person died from carbon monoxide poisoning. This was reported in the press service of the department.

“From 5 to 11 March in the LCL, 23 fires were eliminated, on which three people were killed,” the ministry said. – There are seven fires in Lugansk; in Alchevsk, Kirovsk, Sverdlovsk, Krasny Luch, Rovenky – two and one fires in Anthracite, Krasnodon, Perevalsk, Pervomaisk, Slavyanoserbsk and Stakhanov “.

10:20 The shelling of the Kominternovo. There are damages
According to the head of the Novoazovsky district, Anatoly Yanovskiy, in the village of Kominternovo (south of the DNR), as a result of night shelling by the APU, the apartment house was damaged.
“Last night, Ukrainian security forces shelled the village of Kominternovo. As a result, one apartment building in Akhmatova Street, 7, has been damaged, “he said.
The head of the administration added that there were no victims or victims. Other information about the damage is being clarified.

9:45 Operational report for the day from 12 to 13 March Press services of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland reported that over the past day, no firing on the part of the Ukrainian security forces was recorded. The ceasefire was respected.

9:00 The units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the southern borders of the NDP
The Ukrainian troops opened fire on two southern villages of the Dnieper the previous evening. This was stated today by the head of the representative office of the People’s Democratic Republic in SCCC Ruslan Yakubov.

“Since 18:50 the APU continues to fire in the direction of villages Dzerzhinskoye and Leninskoye,” Yakubov said.

According to the SSCC, 12 minutes of 120 mm caliber and 93 rounds of grenade launchers were fired from the enemy’s positions.
The APU also used large-caliber and small arms.

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