Dong Dok Mai EP.14-15 : “Put-New” opens the blood battle, boiling over the screen (with clips)

Dok Mai EP.14-15: Who Will Change the Game?

The drama “Dong Dok Mai” on Channel 31 produced by CHANGE2561 is about to be turned upside down with the clash between two generations of protagonists, “Put Puttichai Kasetsin” and “New Thitiphum Techaapaikhun”. When Sakon (Aning Nirut), the father, gave all the treasures and shares of the Bunya Group to Boonphares (New), his half-brother, it caused a great upheaval in the family. Khun Ying Krub (Tuk Yanee) and both children Pongdanai (Put) and Emsai (Gift Sininat) were affected by the event. Young Put will lose both money and power to young man. Who will be the key variables that will change the game of blood battle between these pairs of brothers and sisters? Tune in this Monday, January 16th at 8:30 p.m. on Channel One 31 to find out!

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The highly anticipated fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of Dong Dok Mai have finally aired, and they have been met with rave reviews from fans. The two episodes, titled “Put-New,” open up the blood battle between the two main characters, Dong Dok Mai and Put-New, and have been lauded for their intense action and gripping drama.

The action begins as Put-New, a mysterious figure from Dong Dok Mai’s past, arrives on the scene. Put-New is determined to take revenge on Dong Dok Mai for a past wrong, and his arrival sets off a chain of events that will have serious consequences for all involved.

The two episodes are filled with intense fight scenes and thrilling chases, as Put-New and Dong Dok Mai battle it out for supremacy. Put-New’s power and skill are on full display as he uses his powers to take on Dong Dok Mai and his allies. The stakes are high, and the tension is palpable as the battle rages on.

The drama is further heightened by the introduction of a new character, a mysterious girl called ‘Nam’, who seems to have a connection to both Put-New and Dong Dok Mai. As the episodes progress, it becomes clear that Nam is not who she seems, and her role in the story is slowly revealed.

The episodes also feature some truly amazing visuals, with the fight scenes being particularly impressive. The choreography is top-notch, and the fight scenes are visually stunning. As the battle rages on, the stakes become higher and the action more intense, culminating in a thrilling and emotional climax.

Overall, the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of Dong Dok Mai have been met with much praise from fans. The intense action and gripping drama make for a thrilling viewing experience, and the introduction of a new character adds some much needed depth to the story. If you haven’t seen these episodes yet, make sure to check them out – you won’t be disappointed.