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Sports Center/Reported by Jiang Jirong

The Tokyo Olympics kicked off on the 23rd, and our delegation took a flight to Tokyo on the 19th to prepare for the battle. In the process, controversy arose because the athletes took the economy class. Regarding this, the writer Ku Ling criticized, “When Dong Ao came back, the other’chief officers’ would get me out of economy class!”

▲Dai Ziying’s flight in economy class provokes a discussion. (Picture/Retrieved from Dai Ziying IG)

After boarding the plane on the 19th, Dai Ziying wrote on IG for a limited time, “I miss EVA Air, I can take business class.” The accident caused the contestants to take the economy class controversy. Dai Ziying’s father, Dai Nankai, explained that in June, he was notified that the contestants would take business class, but his daughter knew that it was economy class only when he boarded the plane. We can also think of ways to arrange.”

In this regard, Ku Ling criticized on Facebook, “When Dongao returns, all business class will be reserved for the players (those who have the card first), and the other “seniors” will get me out of the economy class!” and ironically “People are here to compete, and you are on a’vacation.’ Are you embarrassed to compete with others?” Ku Ling also questioned, “Not only in business class? A group of irrelevant people followed to eat and drink, and vacation in Tokyo.” He also shouted. Zhu Xueheng’s wreath of “Early salaries, people’s fats and people’s cream” was sent to the wrong place.

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▼▲Ku Ling asked the chiefs to take economy class on the return trip. (Photo/Reversed from Kuling’s Facebook)

Afterwards, President Tsai Ing-wen and Executive Yuan Su Zhenchang issued an apology. Education Minister Pan Wenzhong and Sports Director Zhang Shaoxi also convened a press conference to explain that such a seating arrangement would be made to ensure the safety of the players. “Although epidemic prevention is a priority, the players are not considered. Needs, I have to apologize to the delegation”; and said that the next players and coaches will take the business class, and the flight arrangements for the players to return home will also be arranged in the business class.