Moroccan actress # Dunia_Battema surprised her followers with changes in her professional and perhaps family life. After her husband took over the Bahraini businessman Mohammed Turk for years, she broke up with him professionally according to her personal information through her account on "Instagram", replacing him with another person named Hassan Atef and putting his phone number instead of her husband's number. And recently appeared with Atef, a theater and television actor, in a video that announced that she was her new director. Atef had earlier noted that his relationship was connected to a pair of twins, His message of support for his condolences because of his illness, and wrote: "Praise be to God on the Q If you wish to heal your sins, then you will have a good relationship with your husband and your children. On the other hand, the Moroccan artist denied buying her husband a private jet, attacking her followers because of their repeated comments on this matter, saying: "I meant to say Gabelli private jet, he hired me an aircraft that moves me from Egypt to Rabat in the footsteps of important figures and artists. "Where is the problem, where is the private plane?"


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