Donnarumma “The coach cleared things up at the break.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma, 22-year-old Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, stopped at the microphone of PSG TV after the victory (2-1, find the summary here) against Lille this Friday at the Parc des Princes as part of the 12th day of Ligue 1 2021-2022. The Italian underlined the positive after this difficult success as Paris were led 0-1 at halftime.

Donnarumma « We are a great team, able to turn any situation around. “

“It was a more difficult game than expected. At the break, the coach reminded us of some things to improve. Then, with the support of the public, we figured out how to beat Lille by scoring two very important goals. We won this match against a very good team. We are happy. The coach cleared things up at the break. This has allowed us to make a difference. We are a great team, able to turn any situation around. These two goals are very important and will certainly count for the title race. “

During the first period, the PSG were in their habits this season: lack of rhythm, movement, creativity and precision. Even if there were a few chances, because there is still talent in this team. The concern is to make sure to use it well, forming a real collective. What Lille did well, with its forces, to lead to the break.

Fortunately, Paris was able to find solutions in the second half, with obviously a certain speech by Mauricio Pochettino at the break, and displayed a much better face. This with in particular a more 3-4-3 pattern, but also with more energy deployed in possession of the ball as to recover it. Which inevitably helps the talent to express itself and helps to make the difference. It’s interesting, remains to continue like this in the next game. And we should play longer than half time.