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Donors of lessons, Nicolas Lecaussin

France, says Nicolas Lecaussin, remains the only rich country not to have reformed despite the 2008-2009 crisis.

By Thierry Godefridi.

We all know them, these people who know everything about everything, who teach everyone, not just a moral lesson, but a lesson in conduct. These supreme guides are first and foremost politicians who know better than anyone else, including their own peers, which is better for everyone, even if they refrain themselves from doing so, even if they are often wrong and never recognize.

The donors of lessonsit is also these officials who could not conceive of the world without a "ventromnipotent" state since the latter feeds them and they feed it, in turn, rules and taxes, they who control so much and more but do not usually have account to be rendered; it is these syndicalists who preach, block, scupper and neglect the consequences for the greatest number; it is these journalists who do not present things as they are, but as they would like them to be. Finally, there is the president.

" The Republic, writes Nicolas Lecaussin in The donors of lessons, his indictment against the system in place, is a club of friends and profiteers. The servants of the state are those who use the first … "in miraculous salaries and privileges dating back to a time, in all opacity and hypocrisy. "In fact, Tocqueville underestimated the excesses of power. "

No liberalism in France

Nicolas Lecaussin is not content to set the scene. It supports its arguments by figures and facts with regard to the number of civil servants, public expenditure, taxation, unemployment, so many areas in which France accuses, compared to the European average, a considerable drift that denotes a lack of trust in the individual, in civil society, in the sense of each other's responsibilities, in competition, in the rule of law.

Of liberalism in France, there can be no question, in whatever way it is called, of state, left, social. Many left-wing leaders (Tony Blair in Great Britain, Ingvar Carlsson in Sweden, Jean Chrétien in Canada, David Lange in New Zealand, Robert Hawke in Australia, Gerhard Schröder in Germany) introduced liberal reforms, deregulated, privatized, have lowered taxes, assuming that in economy management is neither left nor right, it is good or bad.

Nicolas Lecaussin notes that France remains the only large rich country not to have reformed, despite the crisis of 2008-2009. It is the statism that reigns there, always more state, testifies the public expenditure which stopped increasing to reach 56.5% of the GDP in 2017 and grew by 2,5% the year past. It is laughable that voices, including that of the President of the Republic itself, rise in France to denounce an ultra-liberal Europe while it is France who is ultra-statist.

"A liberal, writes the author, is for subsidiarity ", and to recall the statement of Jean-François Revel according to which, in France, even the right has never been liberal – a fortiori the left!

Tartuffes and totalitarians

Lessons donors, there are in all latitudes (and even everywhere in society if we take into account all those who blah and recycle what they hear and – sometimes – read without tiring to think ).

Nicolas Lecaussin pinned some prominent lecturers in the French media-political sphere: Nicolas Hulot, one of the favorite personalities of the French, great savior of the planet and happy possessor of seven cars and a motorized boat, "Mixture of totalitarian ideology and tartufferie" ; Jacques Attali, the jargonaut of "Foresee yourself as a dimension of becoming-oneself", promoter of a global government at the head of an economy that is so much and driven by a world currency with inflation as a panacea social; François Hollande, when he warns (in November 2018) against populism and "Those personalities who at one time embrace the aspirations of a people, (…) who want to be in direct contact with the people …". Was he talking about Evo Morales or Hugo Chavez, or even zealots of egalitarianism and ecology? No, it was Donald Trump.

Director of the Institute of Economic and Fiscal Research (IREF), the author concludes his essay on an optimistic note, in short: "No, complication is not the norm. Yes, there are countries where the administration is effective. No, the tax hype is not inevitable. Yes, there are countries where trade unionists are responsible, where the press is not subsidized and where the money well earned is admired … " And to exhort The donors of lessons : "Get us peace! ". "Leave us alone! " " Let us do ! " It is, he believes, what should have claimed the yellow vests, the real ones.

Article originally published in March 2019.

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