Don’t Be Fooled by Maxwin’s Promise, Follow Safe Investment Tips

AROUND CIBUBUR – The news about fraud under the guise of fraudulent investments never seems to end in Indonesia.

This is because, the majority of investment fraud is carried out by trading applications that can be easily downloaded on smartphones for free by the public.

The Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) of the Ministry of Trade, as a referee and supervisor, has blocked more than 1,200 online sites that provide futures trading on illegal commodities and gambling games under the guise of investing and trading.

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CoFTRA has taken various steps, one of which is blocking illegal investment sites and online gambling.

However, the blocking is still not enough to quell the activities of these irresponsible people.

The public must also understand how to invest properly so as not to be trapped in online gambling activities under the guise of investing and trading.

To be safer and more comfortable investing online until financial targets are achieved, consider the following 4 tips.

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