Don’t buy “iPhone” for middle-aged and older people Why choose Android by switching from a feature phone: J-CAST Trend[Full text display]

For middle-aged and older smartphone users, there is data that can be read even if the iPhone is not always very popular. This is the result of a questionnaire released by the research company MMD Research Institute on May 13, 2022.

The company conducted a survey of OS (basic software) shares among 10,000 men and women aged 18 to 69 (valid responses: 10,000) who own smartphones. Then, among men in their 30s and above and women in their 40s and above, there were more users of Android devices than iPhones in any age group.

  • Is the iPhone difficult to understand for middle-aged and elderly people? (The photo is iPhone 13 Pro)

  • Is the iPhone difficult to understand for middle-aged and elderly people?  (The photo is iPhone 13 Pro)

Age group not familiar with IT

According to the “May 2022 Smartphone OS Share Survey” by the MMD Research Institute, the majority of the respondents in their teens and 20s are iPhones. Teen iPhone owners account for 70.1% and Android 28.0%.

However, in the 30s and 60s, Android is the majority. For those in their 60s, 32.3% of iPhones and 60.3% of Android owners.

For women, the former is overwhelming, with iPhone 84.1% and Android 15.3% for teens. However, Android is more common among people in their 40s and 60s. For those in their 60s, the iPhone was 28.2% and the Android was 64.1%. It can be said that both men and women have similar tendencies.

We interviewed Mr. Toruhito Ayuhara, the representative of “Mobile Phone Review Honpo” (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which gives advice to individuals regarding contracts with mobile phone companies. It is said that middle-aged and older customers are the most voluminous customers, and most of them are in their 40s. He said that the iPhone is not very popular among middle and high school students who visit the company every day, and many people choose an Android smartphone when purchasing.

The premise is that many middle-aged and older people are not familiar with IT.

Recommended by the shop clerk

In many cases, middle-aged and older people switch from conventional mobile phones called “feature phones” to smartphones and make their “debut.” For users who are not familiar with IT and are not particular about smartphones, Ayuhara says that low-priced Android smartphones such as Sharp’s “AQUOS sense” series are recommended by mobile phone shop clerk and tend to be bought as they are. explain.

For example, the au (KDDI) version of “sense 6s” released on April 28 has a main unit price of 40,470 yen. On the other hand, there is no current iPhone model that costs less than 50,000 yen.

Furthermore, in the iPhone series, there are many terminals like the “iPhone 13” that cost around 100,000 yen, but there is no “easy-to-understand evolution” such as major improvements in camera functions and fingerprint authentication functions as before, so it is worth the price. It is difficult for middle-aged and older people who are not familiar with IT to understand. Therefore, it seems that the iPhone is often avoided.

Why young people choose the iPhone even if it’s expensive

Mr. Ayuhara often hears the following remarks from customers who come to consult.

“I’m already’enough’on Android.”

As expressed in these words, middle-aged and older consultants often avoid the iPhone because it has an inaccessible image such as “a fashionable model that young people have” and “it seems difficult to use.” I talked to him.

On the other hand, isn’t “high price” a factor to avoid purchasing even for young people? According to Mr. Ayuhara, young people are highly “dependent” on smartphones, which is different from middle-aged and older people.

I want to take “shining” photos for sharing on SNS, because there are many types of fashionable cases than Android smartphones because they are used by people around me. It is said that the iPhone is selected because of this commitment to smartphones.

In addition, it is analyzed that the generation of “the first mobile phone I got is a smartphone” is less likely to feel uncomfortable with the increase in mobile phone charges compared to middle-aged and older people who are accustomed to feature phones.

Even if the monthly payment reaches 10,000 yen including the communication charge and the split price of the iPhone itself, it feels like “that’s right”, so young people avoid the iPhone because of the price than middle-aged people. Also said that there were few.