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Don’t Equate Satpol PP with Thugs

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tito Karnavian do not want the Civil Service Police Unit (PP Satpol) equated with thugs for being too strict in applying the rules for the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities or Emergency PPKM.

Tito asked Satpol PP to enforce the rules humanely. According to him, Satpol PP must uphold the code of ethics in carrying out their duties.

“Don’t equate Satpol PP with thugs. It’s just cool clothes, but ethics and behavior like thugs shouldn’t happen. This Satpol PP is a noble profession, a respected profession, which is needed by the community,” Tito said in a written statement, Monday. (19/7).

Tito asked the heads of Satpol PP to remind their members to prioritize socialization and persuasion. He said law enforcement would be a last resort if needed.

The former National Police Chief also asked Satpol PP not to be rude when enforcing the law. Tito emphasized that the use of force in law enforcement is not justified.

“We remain firm, but we need to be humane, humane, polite language and not use excessive force,” he said.

Satpol PP is in the public spotlight during the implementation of Emergency PPKM. A number of violent actions by the Satpol PP officers were recorded and went viral on social media.

One of the actions of the Satpol PP that has been widely discussed is the control in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi. A Satpol PP officer named Mardhani Hamdan beat a pregnant woman and her husband while carrying out control. Mardhani was removed from office.

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The action of the Satpol PP in Gowa made President Joko Widodo raise his voice. He asked all security forces not to be harsh and rude in their duties.

“I think the events that took place in South Sulawesi (should be avoided). For example, Satpol PP hit shop owners, especially women, this is for the people to heat up the atmosphere,” said Jokowi at the Limited Meeting of Emergency PPKM Evaluation, broadcast by the Secretariat’s YouTube President, Saturday (17/7).

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