Don’t get too excited, the weather will turn.. the rains are coming back and the temperatures are collapsing on this date!

Father Elie Khneisser, a meteorologist, said that an icy polar wave towards Turkey will affect Lebanon in very cold weather early next week, noting that after the heat, rain and snow will return to the mountains that are above 1700-1800 meters unless the direction of the cold wave changes..

He added that Lebanon will witness a temperature collapse of 20 degrees during the pain week, i.e. next week In the Bekaa, up to 10 degrees on the coast.

Khneiser pointed out, “We will witness a scenario similar to what happened in April of 2019, when Lebanon witnessed a polar descent on Good Friday that continued until Easter Sunday (G) and Palm Sunday (S), when snow fell at that time and touched 900 meters.”.

If the current April, the weather will turn in its second week and turn to cold with the arrival of a polar front towards Turkey.

In addition, the Department of Meteorology at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation expected that the weather today, Thursday, will be lightly cloudy in the morning, turning at night to partly cloudy with high clouds, and a noticeable drop in temperatures during the morning period, then returning to rise significantly starting from noon with active winds that intensify Sometimes it is laden with dust, which leads to poor visibility and the return of humidity to a decrease, and the warning remains of the danger of fires in forested areas and the persistence of fog on the heights.

Weather for the coming days

Friday: Cloudy in general with medium and high clouds and active winds that intensify at times to reach 60 km / h, especially in the northern regions and be laden with dust with a noticeable decrease in temperatures and high humidity, which leads to the continued appearance of fog on the heights. Local light rain is expected to be heavy in the north of the country from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with a decrease in temperatures to return to their spring rates for this month, with fog on the heights.