“Don’t want to drift off into Second Life”

© Meta/Rob Longert/Day One Agency

Has on Thursday evening Mark Zuckerberg As part of the Facebook Connect the new name of the Facebook holding company (“Meta“), Future hardware – and above all Metaverse presented. With this, Zuckerberg wants to leave two-dimensional screen communication behind and create a virtual world in which users can work, shop, communicate and spend their free time. Zuckerberg’s vision is strongly reminiscent of Second Life – a virtual 3D world that already experienced its hype around 15 years ago.

In this world, as also intended for Metaverse, people could interact via avatars on different levels. Second Life experienced a rapid worldwide boom. Among other things, well-known brands such as BMW opened virtual branches in the 3D world. However, the hype quickly flattened out again. Of the 36 million According to Vice, users in 2008 were only around the last year 900.000 active.

Not more, but better time

She emphasizes that one does not want to drift off into a Second Life with Metaverse Facebook or now meta-European boss Angelika Gifford in the futurezone interview. There is one main reason for this: “We don’t want people to spend more time online. We want them to have a better time online. It should be a different experience when we meet in a digital space in the future. “

There, users should be able to exchange ideas, share experiences and find virtual closeness. Among other things, the working world will be revolutionized with Metaverse, according to Gifford. “Zoom is just an experience where you sit in front of it, but you are not really there,” she says. Metaverse, on the other hand, is the Internet in which users are “part of it and not look at it from the outside”. “I promise myself great things in the world of work that I can use avatar to perceive facial features and emotions much better and organize myself much better.”

Zoom is just an experience that you sit in front of, but you are not really there

Angelika Gifford

Many could benefit from the 3D world – for example students. They could, for example, dial into various university courses and, for example, practice operations virtually. Metaverse also offers opportunities for creators, for the e-commerce sector or for hardware products that – as Gifford emphasizes – are not manufactured by Meta. Meta can, however, work together to support these users in realizing their products.

Gifford himself makes particular use of that Oculus glasses to travel virtually to Neuschwanstein Castle and to immerse yourself in the virtual world with wind noises and switch off.

Facebook Papers addressed subliminally

But one topic was apparently not mentioned on Thursday: The Facebook Papers. Although the Connect, according to Gifford, is strictly aimed at Metaversum and the name change of the company, but Zuckerberg – at least indirectly – responded to this. “If you listened carefully, he said, we will neither develop nor own the Metaverse by ourselves nor operate it alone”.

Generally speaking, one has learned from past experiences. In order to bring topics such as regulation, security and transparency into account, Zuckerberg wanted to communicate Metaverse at an early stage. Because: “Technological innovations have partially overtaken us and we have left society, regulators and researchers behind. That’s why it’s important to us to communicate the metaverse early on, “says Gifford.