“Doom Eternal”, or when Bethesda rhymes brutal with infernal

Like everyone, you stay well confined to your home, warm. And, like everyone else, you go around in circles. But gamer as you are, do you find yourself humming ” I have the itchy controller “To the tune of Yves Duteil (well if you have passed the quarantine bar!)? We have the solution : Doom Eternal, the latest addition to Bethesda.

If the scenario does not require a doctorate in applied mathematics to be understood, you will still be asked to have all your physical faculties to be able to endure the hellish pace that this Doom will impose you.

Because once the pancake is inserted in your console, it is a real storm of fire (and sometimes blood) that will fall on you. The handling is not very complicated but you will need a good big hour before you move with some ease in the demonic corridors of this game.

In short, hell is on Earth. And the only one who can save what’s left of humanity, well, is you, the Slayer as it’s known to be. In front ? Monsters, in spades, all as naughty as each other, determined to make your skin. Your arsenal will be up to the challenge: shotgun, machine gun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, flame thrower and chainsaw. But beware, to recover material, ammunition and life, it will be necessary to complete certain demons in the most gory way possible. What is more commonly known as “glorykill”. Some “bosses” will give you as much of a hard time as cold sweat.

Expect your heart to do “doom, doom, doom” very hard because this game imposes a real hellish rhythm. And above all, don’t forget to breathe …

On PS4, € 49.99. PEGI 18.


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