Doplanger accused of overdosing on Mac Miller

According to forensic scientists, the cause of death for Miller is a cocktail of cocaine, Xanax pills mixed with fentanyl, and alcohol.

One of the three men charged in connection with Mac Miller’s fatal overdose has agreed to plead guilty in a recent indictment.

17 years in prison

Stephen Walter has accepted a potential 17-year prison sentence for delivering the drug mixture.

The prosecution made the indictment somewhat milder before Walters accepted the terms. He was previously charged with more serious charges, including fentanyl distribution which resulted in the death of the rapper. He was also previously charged with conspiracy to distribute a drug that resulted in Miller’s death.

“The new indictment removes the death charge,” Walter’s lawyer William S. Harris told Rolling Stone, adding:

– The judge will either accept or reject it. If he accepts, it will not be possible to convict my client any more. If he rejects it, there is no agreement.

Died in 2018

As is well known, Miller died in 2018, only 28 years old. The death came as a shock to an entire world, and made many headlines.

He was a famous American rapper, who among other things was behind the song “Knock Knock”.

He is also known for having been with pop star Ariana Grande (28).