This Thursday, during the traditional press conference preceding the Metropolitan Council, the president of Dijon Métropole, François Rebsamen (PS), made two announcements:

The first concerns the company Urgo Medical. In a letter addressed to the president of Dijon metropolis, the company informs of the installation of the Genesis project (innovative tissue technology) with the creation of a new research laboratory in the town of Chenôve, with the support of the metropolis and services. “It was either Chicago or Dijon,” said Francois Rebsamen.

The other information concerns the launch of a luminescent paint experiment for cycle facilities. Objective: to secure the circulation of cyclists in the evening. The experiment was launched along the Canal de Bourgogne in Dijon. It will be extended if the results are deemed satisfactory.

In addition, two new metropolitan elected officials made their entry into the council this Thursday evening. They are Jean-Marc Réty (Longvic) and Catherine Victor (Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur). They replace respectively Valérie Grandet (Longvic) and Claire Terrier (Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur).

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