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Home Business Dordogne. In Sarladais, postal workers resume work

Dordogne. In Sarladais, postal workers resume work

The night was studious for the management of La Poste in Sarlat. After one big demonstration of support, Monday evening, November 5th, with 300 participants, the multiplication of policy and institutional interventions, the management has finally reached the main demand of staff with right of withdrawal since October 25, namely the departure of three leaders.

The latter are implicated by the demonstrators in the recent suicide of a letter carrier in the area and in a violent altercation between a Siorac factor and his management.

A document headed by La Poste and signed by the operational director Dordogne Nord-Gironde, Stéphanie Trigodet. was provided Tuesday, November 6 in the morning to employees. It is the same document as the day before, with many measures taken, to which are added the "wishes" of the three leaders named to no longer work in Sarlat.

Minutes of silence

The factors were to resume their work Tuesday, November 6 at 11:30, simultaneously in Sarlat and Siorac-en-PĂ©rigord.

In Sarlat, before entering the premises together, they had to observe a minute of silence in honor of their deceased colleague.

"It's important, it's still the basis of our mobilization, explains his college and friend Jerome, very touched.It is necessary, in his honor and for his family, to have this gesture."


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