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Dordogne: pork blood and a pig's head found on the site of a mosque

The prefect of the Dordogne denounced and condemned "these acts, which undermine the freedom of conscience and expression of cults, and are contrary to the principles of secularism.Pig blood and a pig's head were found on the site of a mosque in Bergerac on Monday morning.

"They put a lot of blood, pig, I think, on the walls. They hung a pig's head on the door. We are upset, shocked", said Abdel Kader Abdénouri, a member of the cultural association of Bergerac, who built the mosque on the right bank of the city, France Bleu, and add:"The facade is red with blood. Inside and outside. It's really a profanation, a threat. It's a provocationThe discovery of this act provoked emotion and indignation in the community of the faithful.

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The sous-préfet went there and a complaint was lodged. An investigation is opened and entrusted to the men of the police of Bergerac.

The mayor of Bergerac expressed his dismay with the radio, denouncing "lamentable, shabby and heinous actsAnd to add: "I'm not saying that there is a link between the two, but this weekend, there was a poster campaign of a small far-right group on the theme "Bergerac, city of Périgord, not Islam".

According to the report published in February by the Ministry of the Interior, the number of anti-Muslim acts (which gave rise to a complaint) in France decreased in 2018, from 121 to 100, to fall to its lowest level since 2010 The National Observatory against Islamophobia (a body belonging to the CFCM) disputes the figures of the anti-Muslim acts, considering that they do not "do not reflect reality"Because of the reluctance to file a complaint, the CCIF, which relies on reports of Islamophobic acts reported to its own appeal platform, has increased by 52% in 2018 compared to 2017, with 676 acts.


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