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Doubts about the death of 18-year-old Camilla Canepa. Parents: He had no inherited diseases

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Barbara and Roberto Canepa, the parents of Camilla, the 18-year-old who died in Genoa after receiving the first dose of Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), talk about their daughter’s health conditions: “She was healthy. She had no inherited disease”. A new update on that road that the magistrates are taking to understand what happened. Because there are many doubts about the death of the young woman, questions that can be partly resolved by the autopsy entrusted to two experts – the anatomopathologist Luca Tajana and the hematologist Franco Piovella, who will receive the assignment on Tuesday – but above all from the documentary material acquired. by Nas on behalf of the prosecutor. In the anamnestic form, or the certificate to be filled in before the vaccine inoculation, the investigators learned that the young woman had not declared any pathology or drug therapy unlike what was found later at the Lavagna hospital, on the first night of observation before of the transfer to Genoa. Yet a clear medical term emerges in the medical records, familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia.

The investigations

Now the prosecutor must understand whether the girl was aware of this condition or not. In the coming days, the investigators will hear the doctors and vaccinating nurses: the goal is to understand precisely what information on her health was provided to the 18-year-old. It must be said that on May 29 Camilla had started a therapy with two other drugs – one based on hormones, Progynova, and one of estrogen, Dufaston – which, according to what a health source close to the affair has explained, would involve a risk. thrombotic: the doctor who prescribed them could give a further twist to the investigation. On the one hand, the investigators must understand if the girl was aware of the risks, on the other hand, if the same doctor was aware of having a girl vaccinated with AstraZeneca in front of her.

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The words of Camilla’s parents

“Camilla’s parents trust in respect for their pain and their privacy … and the girl did not have any hereditary diseases”. The lawyer of the Canepa family, Angelo Paone, said this, stating that “there is no official statement” from the family.

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