Doug Pederson talks about OL rotation and depth in Day 2 Minicamp Presser

During the compulsory Minicamp of the Eagles this week, we are blessed to hear from coach Doug Pederson three days in a row. In Day 2 practice, the team had a perfect first day presence – including Michael Bennett and Darren Sproles – and Carson Wentz made further repetitions during 7-on-7 practice.

Pederson spoke with the media on Wednesday about what he has seen from the boys so far and what their plan is for the rest of the minicamp.

On the Offensive Line

Pederson said he was not surprised that Jason Peters decided to come back in 2018 that Peters is not the type to go out for an injury. The experienced O-Lineman wants to prove that he is stronger and better than ever, and "he did that in the offseason". Pederson continued, "He can go about his time."

After Peters was back in the lineup for the Eagles, Pederson was asked if Lane Johnson would stay with the right rigging or if they would move him a bit. The head coach raved about how good the situation in Philadelphia is with so much depth between Peters, Johnson and Big V. Pederson admitted "it's hard to say" what could happen to Johnson, but admitted that they make an adjustment where the guys line up, it will be a permanent one.

This led to a follow-up on what happens to Big V once Peters is back on the grid. Pederson praised Coach Jeff Stoutland's preference for teaching not only the starters, but also teaching the youngsters how to be a star.

"One of the things in V's case is that he played a lot of games in his first two years," Pederson said. "He's a starting caliber tackle […] on both sides."

It's a good problem, and at this point in time, one could assume that all three will be spinning in the mini camp and training camp once the season starts.

Pederson was also asked about Stoutland's legendary ability to remember things for just 20 years ago. While the head coach was not blessed with the same memory skills, he said that "it's fun to hear some of the stories he's faced with" and that Stoutland is a valuable asset to players, especially with his experience in both colleges and professional level.

On rookie TE Dallas Goedert

Doug Pederson had a lot of good things to say about the draft pick of 2018, including the "big hands" and is a "big goal". He has done some games in the red zone during the OTAs and now in the training camp, which is a good sign for a close end of the Eagles.

Goedert's athletic approach "just comes" and he will be much better in his running track, partly because of spending time and only watching and learning from Zach Ertz and Richard Rodgers. However, Pederson admitted: "For tight ends in our system, it's a different story when the pads are on," and that we get a sense of Goedert's physicality when that happens.

"He's a young player, every day is a new day, he's learning while he's walking."

Pederson sees a chance to use Goedert in two finer sets, with the head coach acknowledging, "I see, that we are leaning a bit this way "and notices that these guys are so athletic and talented that could be considered as wide receivers, just a bit more physical and aggressive.

On Carson Wentz's Schedule

Pederson continues to refer to the medical staff of the team when asked about the progress of Wentz knee rehab, and he reiterated that all sorts of benchmarks made them for the QB are out of the control of the coach. It's just a question of steady progress throughout the camp.

Other Remarks

  • Pederson was asked about an exercise to throw tennis balls at the feet of the QB. The head coach noted that he was simulating a rush and getting the players used to the feeling of having someone near their feet that slips out of the way and tries not to drop their eyes.
  • The head coach admitted that the Eagles need to be better at special teams, but with some of the acquisitions by free agency and the draft, they have adjusted to an improvement.
  • The Eagles will NOT be doing joint exercises this season, Pederson noted, "because." He went on to explain that some of these are related to injuries and want a more controlled environment for these players, and that sometimes the schedules simply do not allow them to take place.
  • On Coach Brewer, Pederson noticed Brauer's penchant for being a teacher, explaining and praising. "He's a teacher first," said the head coach. "He brings the energy we talk about, the guys put it on."

Watch Doug Pederson's Press Conference

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