Doutzen Kroes has lost weight – Ditjes & Datjes

Doutzen Kroes is known for her beautiful looks and because of her modeling work there has always been a toned body. But now that she has stopped her modeling career, the pounds are still not flying. In fact, in new photos she looks slimmer than ever. What is going on?

Many women in the modeling world are referred to as ‘bony skinny’. It was therefore not surprising that we never saw Doutzen eat a hamburger and that her abs were always visible. But now that she’s given up on her modeling career, she seems to have lost even more weight.

still ‘skinny’

Doutzen shared a number of photos on Instagram last weekend, on which the ‘bony skinny’ model can still be seen. Although her followers have often emphasized that she looks ‘unhealthy’, Doutzen does not seem to have any interest in that.

strange eating habit

The rumors about Doutzen’s ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle have been going on for some time. Recently, it came up again because of a strange eating habit. She grows her own vegetables, fruit and herbs in her vegetable garden. That sounds healthy, but Doutzen also eats various plants from her garden.

She shared a video where she eats a dandelion. She throws the flower away, but keeps the petals and puts them in her mouth. Although her face said it wasn’t tasty, she said she eats it because it’s supposed to be good for her liver. Followers didn’t understand it and still react under every photo that she ‘should eat more’. And they probably don’t mean plants by that…

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